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Top 12 Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS

What is Tinder App

With more than 100 million downloads in less than 5 years, tinder dating app has become synonymous with online dating. Many online dating sites dotted the web landscape for a long time. However, Tinder has repainted the scenery with its revolutionary design.

The app is incredibly easy to use and proudly boasts of bringing millions of people together. But, if the app is this good, why are we even looking for the alternatives? The truth is that not everyone seems to be happy with it and they have their reasons.

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Why look for Tinder alternative?

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Here are some of the reasons why you would want to switch to other free dating apps:

  • Tinder became exceedingly popular because it was free. It still continuous to be free but with the introduction of the paid ‘Tinder Plus’ feature, the free version of it has dropped many cool features.
  • Even if you don’t mind paying the subscription fee, there is another problem: The app usually looks up for the matches based on your appearance. If you are looking for a personality-match, you may have a difficult time with the app.
  • Owing to its huge popularity, many counterfeit and computer generated profiles have been added.

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The alternatives

If you are looking for apps like tinder, here are some of the apps to consider.

#1 OkCupid


OkCupid has been around almost a decade longer than Tinder but people started taking more notice of it after Tinder made some compromises with the user experience. Today, OkCupid is one of the most popular best hookup apps.

  1. This app also has the swipe feature just like Tinder but it also has more.
  2. You could have a more detailed profile allowing you to find the matches based on the personality traits and not just the profile picture.
  3. You could also explore the app in the incognito mode without being detected. You could search for matches based on your hobbies and interests.
  4. You could play around with the app for free but if you are looking for the priority listing you can go for the premium version as well.
  5. This app top the charts for best dating apps.

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#2 Coffee meets Bagel (CMB)

Coffee meets Bagel app-techmagnetism

If at first glance CMB looks a lot like Tinder, that’s because it is. However, CMB is far more comprehensive than Tinder. The app will shop up one match every day, called ‘Bagel’ at noon. The match is based on your interests, likes, and location.

  1. Bagel isn’t just anyone picked randomly by the app; it is someone with whom you share mutual friends.
  2. When both of you end up liking each other, the app lets you break the ice by asking appropriate questions.
  3. The app is free. However, if you want to have a better chance at dating with ‘woo’ feature, which is quite like Superlike of Tinder, you are going to need some beans.
  4. The beans can be had by successful referrals, social media page like, and purchases.

#3 Happn


Many features of Happn happen to be quite different from the mainstream dating apps. For instance, if you happen to be at the same place as someone else, regardless where they are right now, Happn will list them for you. Also, you can also how many times someone has been at a particular place where you also have been.

  1. In some ways, Happn is perfectly fits in the category of apps like tinder.
  2. If someone, whom you have already liked, likes you back, you can start the conversation.
  3. Like Tinder’s Superlike feature, this app has a ‘Charm’ feature allowing you to get more attention.
  4. But, ‘Charm’ requires credit which you can acquire by referring people to the app or by paying a nominal price.

#4 Skout


Skout features a swipe enabled interface, much like Tinder.

  1. However, you can also switch to the grid layout allowing you to see many people on your screen at one time.
  2. You can also see the people who have checked out your profile or have marked you as favorite.
  3. Skout is free, but buying the premium version enhances your visibility and gets rid of the irritating apps.

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#5 Bumble


Bumble also uses the swipe features like Tinder but with a marked difference affording to enhance the chances to find a match. The male users usually complain that their messages often go unacknowledged.

  1. But what makes this app special is that when there is a match the woman must reply to the first message within 24 hours to ensure match is not cancelled.
  2. The Android version of the app has been reported for many performance issues.
  3. However, it works fine on all the iOS devices.

#6 Hot or Not

hot or not-techmagnetism

Hot or Not is believed to be one of the inspirations for Tinder. This is why don’t feel surprised if you find uncanny resemblances between the two. But, there are differences too.

  1. For instance, unlike Tinder, you can send private messages to just about anyone using Hot or Not.
  2. The other cool thing about this app is that it displays your popularity level in your region.
  3. You can see the profile visitors as well as how well you were liked by the ‘most liked’ or ‘most friendly’ badges.
  4. The other good thing about Hot or Not is that most of its features are free.
  5. Only if you are looking to make your profile more visible and send gift items, you will want to pay for it.

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#7 Plenty of Fish (POF)


For a dating app to be successful it must have plenty of users. Well, Plenty of Fish or POF is quite popular and thus does have plenty of users.

  1. The layout is pretty user friendly allowing you to sort and discover the users easily.
  2. What’s great about this app is that it is absolutely free.
  3. You could also send unlimited messages to the users.
  4. The app also incorporates other handy features such as VoIP and chat heads.
  5. The only limitation is that it is available only to the users in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, and Brazil.

#8 Rendeevoo


The very first thing that will make you fall in love with this app is its incredibly beautiful looking interface. The objective of the app is to facilitate the meeting between two people.

  1. What’s unique is that it handpicks the meeting spots, which could be a bar or a coffee shop.
  2. You can also confirm the meet up by paying for first drink with your credit/debit car.
  3. You can also use Apple Pay to make the payment.
  4. The app is only available in London and only to the iOS users.

#9 Lovoo


Lovoo is also a swipe-enabled online dating app. But it does come with a number of unique features that make it different from the rest.

  1. For instance, there is a radar tool that locates the people close to you.
  2. You can connect with them directly.
  3. There are other cool, unique features available with the paid/premium version.
  4. These features include unlimited chat requests, increased profile visibility, and invisible mode.

#10 Woo


Woo is primarily an Indian online dating app like Tinder. The app comes packed with some cool and unique features. For example, besides the text profile, you can also add the audio introduction. This means that you can listen to your prospective match’s voice before you meet them.

  1. It also allows you to send the direct messages in order to gain more attention.
  2. Unlike Tinder, discovery is not just appearance based.
  3. You can find people based on common interests and likes.
  4. Woo is free to download but has many in-app purchases.
  5. The paid version unravels other interesting features along with the option to promote your profile.

#11 Match


Some believe that with Match the chances of successful dates are higher as compared to the other apps. Match is simply the mobile app version of

  1. It lets you discover new and interesting people every day.
  2. The free version is available but with some serious limitations.
  3. With the premium of $8.99 per month you can access some incredible features, such as the ability to send unlimited messages.

#12 Clover


Clover has picked the best from all the popular online dating apps and packed them in a single app. While you can fix the meet-ups or dates just like the other apps, you can also discover the parties and events in your area.

  1. Clover also offers more customizable search than the other such apps with its effective filters.
  2. Just like the other apps, Clover offers all the basic features for free.
  3. However, to gain more visibility and to have a better online experience, you can buy the premium version for $19.99 per month.

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