The Best White Noise Apps & Sites to Help You Better Sleep & Relax

Bad sound causes noise pollution, irritation and in certain cases anxiety as well. Good sound creates the right ambience for a good sleep or helps increase concentration. It is all about picking the right sound and the right way to generate it. Thankfully, there are lots of apps and websites that can play the desirable sounds.

Apps for Better Sleep

There are certain sounds associated with our sleep. For instance, some people sleep better when there is wind outside swishing through the leaves. Others fall asleep to the nearly inconspicuous murmur of the ceiling fan.


There are certain noises that tend to reduce the complexity of the brain waves, thereby effecting more comfortable sleep. The noise that puts you to stable sleep must be steady and not intermittent. Let’s have a look at some of the apps that generate such kind of sounds.

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  • Lightning Bug:

    Some people sleep to the sound of the nature as they find it comforting and relaxing. Lightning Bug generates that kind of sound. You just need to ensure that the plugins are enabled on your phone before you install the White Noise Pack. This pack allows you to choose from many white and pink noises. The pack also features alarm and sleep timer.

Download Lighting Bug : Google Play store 


  • Sleep Fan

    : Some sleep to the noise of the rain falling on the ledge and others to the humming of the electric fan. Those who favour the latter would like to try the Sleep Fan app. The app allows you to generate fan noise at different speeds including low, medium and high. You could also time how long the app plays the sound. You don’t have to keep the phone active all the time the app is running. Sleep Fan runs in the background even when your phone is in the standby mode. The app is available on iTunes for $1.99.


  • WhiteNoise App

    : If the sound of the fan or the rain isn’t what you are looking for, you can go for White Noise app. This app can generate a wide range of low frequency, soothing sounds. You can also create the concoction of your own sound by mixing up to 5 sounds together. If you don’t want to use the app-sounds and instead create your own, you can buy the premium features. The app is free on Google Play Store and for $1.99 on iTunes.


  • Chroma Doze

    : This is one of the most highly-rated white noise generation apps. It is available only to the Android users. It generates the sound based on the user controllable algorithm. This allows you to customize the sound to suit your needs. Not only is the app free but also does not display any ads. It is a must-try for those looking to get good sleep. It runs smoothly in the background without having to keep the phone active at all times. You can download Chroma Doze for free from Google Play store.

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Websites for Good Quality Sounds

It’s not just the apps that can generate high quality, ambient sounds for you; there are websites as well. These sites are just about the perfect choice for someone looking for white noise and want to play it on the browser or laptop.



    Some people find it easier to get the creative juices flowing when they are in a coffee shop. Unfortunately, you couldn’t be there all the time, especially at night when the shops have been shut. But, what you can do is create the ambience of the coffee shop in your bedroom (or whichever room you like) using this website. It offers the same mixture of stir and inexplicable calm that you feel at the coffee shop. This allows many to work better. Besides the site, it also has apps for iOS and Android users.



    This site has the right sounds to make you more productive. At the same time, it also generates the colors that help create a better ambience. If you have an add-on monitor to your laptop, you could use it to display the colors. It has been found that the colors play an important role in enhancing the productivity. For instance, blue helps you stir up your creativity and red helps you focus on the fine lines or minute details. This website offers a wide range of sounds and you can use more than one at a time. Rain, fan, coffee shop and more – all kind of noises are there.



    The introductory note of the website boasts of bringing acoustic engineering, creative acoustics, and the science of human hearing together. The site also goes on to say that it is not just any other soundscape website; it is a tool for those who are associated with or interested in sound technology. Their claims are certainly not unfounded as the site is the store to a wide range of sounds designed for healthcare, noise blocking, sound therapy, and more. The site also lets you customize the sounds to match your specific needs.


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Apps to enhance productivity

If you are looking for the sound that boosts your productivity, you probably intend to use it at your workplace. What’s soothing to you might be disturbing to the others. So, it is the best if you could use the earplug or headphone while using the white noise app.

  • Ambiance:

    Designed exclusively for the iOS users, this app is available on iTunes for $2.99. But, if you are looking for premium sounds you will need to pay another $0.99. What’s really great about this app is that its sound library is nearly inexhaustible. Whether you are looking for natural or city sounds, you can get it all here. The app also lets you blend a variety of sounds to create your own, unique custom sound.


  • Naturespace:

    If you are looking for an immersive sound experience, this is the app you must definitely try. Naturespace allows the sound reproduction in a 3D environment. So, you get to hear the natural sounds coming from all around you and not from just one place. The sound quality is also pretty good. Available to iOS and Android users, this app comes for free but with limited previews. To access all the sounds, you can buy the paid version for $0.99.

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