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Download iMessage for PC (Windows 7/8/10)

iMessage, an Apple flagship, proves itself spectacular under all scrutiny lenses, courtesy its remarkable bid to ease the communication flow among users. This Apple flagship has been notching sweet scores ever since its launch, infusing the elements of speed, power, and convenience into the communication equation, and we cannot thank enough the spearheads for this tech mosaic.


Line of Function

One of the first things to strike one’s thoughts about iMessage is the readiness it provides in the domain of interaction. The messages are delivered at the very moment of their exchange by a user, provided there remains a workable Wi-Fi connection or an active Internet top-up. Functionally, the application is exclusively for iDevice holders, and therefore, Android and Windows users can feel sidelined for a bit. Just saying!

Compatibility at Par

iMessage has been structured to work with equal efficacy on an entire range of thoroughbred Apple devices that includes Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Pro and more. Bringing more zing to its awesomeness is its synchronization settings, using which a user can create identical copies of the shared content at more than one location. As the same content is present in different locations, the fear of losing content due to any snag or negligence is quelled.

Apple ID – a Must

What can possibly set the praises rolling is the broad accessibility scope iMessage, getting bestowed upon its customers. A functional Apple ID, and not an iPhone, is what one needs to use iMessage – an assuring slice of information for those who have Mac or any other Apple-made gadget.

The ‘Groupie’ Bonanza

Group messaging has been made possible with iMessage, and we can already see the audience regaling. Yes, iMessage allows users to push invitations to other contacts, asking them to join conversations, and being a part of the bunch of bonhomie. Whoever accepts the invitation, gains a complete view of the trail of messages shared on that group.

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How to download iMessage for PC

Let’s give you heartbreak! Not for real, of course.

There is no official version of iMessage for PC, and, therefore, that’s quite a disappointment. However, iMessage’s incredibility as an instant messaging application is not something that we haven’t heard of. It’s totally a wonder that has struck the concept of real-time messaging on right spots. And, Windows users don’t want to stay bereft of this knockout creation.

Emulators are much-in-trend application-getters that create Android-like ambiance on a Windows device and pave the way for all the Android-ness to rock.

We have listed down a series of steps that you need to abide by in order to get iMessage for your PC. Let’s get to the low-down here!

  • As a primary step, a user has to head for the downloading link of iPadian emulator to get it installed on PC.
  • When the installation completes, the entire outlook of your PC will transform to become like that of Apple’s MAC. The proof of this change would be the emergence of the dock at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Once you get through this stage, reach the search bar to find iMessage from the sea of applications available on iPadian.
  • Initiate the downloading process of iMessage. When it ends, an icon will appear on the screen, notifying the availability of iMessage on your PC.
  • Look for iMessage in iPadian’s app drawer, and run the application to make it work.
  • iMessage is ready for your immediate consumption. Fed on its quickness, and build happier connections
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