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The major operating systems for smartphones currently are Android and iOS. Both of them provides the amazing user interface with lots of Apps. However, some of the apps are free while others are paid. There are varieties of third-party services for Android that enables you to install the paid Apps for free.

TuTu App for Android is one such App that helps the users to do the same. TuTu is also known as ‘Bunny assistant’. We will be telling you about all the features of TuTu App and a guide on How to install Tu Tu App on Android with TuTu .APK.

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Features of TuTuApp:

I know that you already want to download Tu Tu App on your Android device but before you do that let us tell you about its amazing and unique features. So, here is the list of splendid features:

  1. The Application market of this App provides you wide range of paid apps and games for absolutely free which are usually available for a certain price in the Google Play Store.
  1. It has a cleaning expert feature which is quite similar to CC Cleaner and Clean. You could use this feature to enhance your phone and clear the unnecessary space, memory etc.  There is a range of preferences of controlling the RAM, memory, battery etc. so that you are able to make the most of your Android device.
  1. TuTuApp also lets you transfer files from one device to another. You need not have Xender or ShareIt on your device separately because you now have TuTu app. This app allows you to transfer the data by using Wi-Fi from Android to Android/iOS without any hassle and the transfer speed is way better than other equivalent apps that are available in the play store. Data transfer of this App works on Cattle technology.
  1. Last but not the least, the best feature yet is the Toolbox. Toolbox is packed with all the features- battery management, Wi-fi installation, system management etc.

TuTu App is not just an app to use paid apps for absolutely free but it is much more than that. It is a combination of 3 different apps loaded with various features.  Let’s not make you wait further; next up is the guide on how you can download TutuApp for Android device.

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Download TuTuApp for Android :

Change the Following Settings in Android Device to Install TuTu App

You need to make some changes to your phone’s setting to allow it to install on your Android device without any hassle as this app isn’t available on Google playstore. Here’s what you need to change in the settings of your Android phone:

Step- 1:  Go to Settings from the main menu.

Step- 2: After that, go to Security section, and just tap on it once.

Step -3: Scroll further down in the security options until you find Unknown Sources.

Step -4:  Click on that to select Enable option of the unknown sources.


You are now ready to install the Tutu app on your Android devices. Here’s the detailed step by step guide you need to follow to install it:

Step-1. Firstly, download the TuTuApp APK on your PC or laptop.

Step-2. Now transfer the TuTu APK file from your PC/laptop to Android device, you could use a USB cable or any other data transfer mode as per your convenience.

Step-3. Once you’ve completed the transfer, open the file explorer to locate the TuTu APK app file in your device.

Step-4. Just tap on that APK file to initiate the installation process and wait for it to complete the installation process.

Step-5. Now, open the app and enjoy!

TuTu App for Android is absolutely free, you can easily install it on your Android device with the aforementioned methods and enjoy.

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Download TuTuApp for iOS without Jailbreak

To run TuTu App error free on your device, first of all, you need to update your device with iOS 9.0 or the latest version. As we know this app is in the Chinese language, therefore you might encounter some problem while downloading it on your phone. But not to worry, here we are giving you a comprehensive guide to download this app hassle free on your device.

Read it carefully and install the app on your device without any glitch.

Download TuTuApp For iOS 9.4/9.3/9.2.1/9.1, iOS 9 without jailbreak


Step 1. Go to Safari browser on your iOS device (iPhone-iPad). Other browsers may interrupt the installation of TuTuApp on your device, therefore it is highly recommended to use Safari browser to install this app on your device.

Step 2. Search TuTuApp in the browser and allow the homepage of TuTuApp to load completely. In case it doesn’t get open quickly, it might be down, so wait for some time and try again later. Or, you could also try and clear the history and web cache and try again, it will surely work.

Step 3. On the homepage you can figure out 3 green colored buttons, you have to click on the button located in the middle. This is the download button.

Step 4. Soon after, a blue bar will emerge on your phone screen, seeking permission if you want to download the app or not. You have to click on the install option and rest aside else.

Step 5. Now comes the installation part, to complete the installation of TuTuApp on your device, you required to change some settings in your phone. Here are the changes-

Settings-Profiles-TuTuApp-Trust app

#6. After you have given the trusted certificate to the app, you are all set to use this app for free on your device.

This is the complete procedure to download TuTuApp on iOS device for free of cost.

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