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Download Showbox for PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Entertainment, in its most basic sense, is an escape route from the flurry of predicaments that life hurls at us. And, we certainly don’t want to draw a line over its supply. Everyone’s idea of losing the grip is different, however, we believe, there ain’t a better stress neutralizer than a truckload of movies/soaps in a portable plug-in. The long, monotonous days are easy to while away in possession of one’s favorite movies or TV series that trigger happy moods. But, what if you run into a point of time when you remain unbacked by any entertainment source for whatever reasons? Don’t frown, as for such situations, there is the Showbox APK!

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About Showbox App

Showbox has ascended its way to the peak on account of its ingenuity in providing tens of HD audio/video files to the entertainment aficionados. This application is nothing but a wonder door to immense entertainment and more. With a juicy range of watchable content, king-size storage and free coupon giveaways, the application is going thick in the battle of supremacy, and swaying at the top of the game. Whether one itches to watch a TV show, a movie or a cartoon trail, Showbox has everything. However, a regular database upgradation is needed to keep the application in state of excellent functionality.

When installed on a PC, the entertainment factor with Showbox is certain to multiply. The users can enjoy the privilege of watching HD content on big screen, which is indeed a factor to take pleasure in.

It is de rigueur to work for stretched hours, which ultimately trims our participation in recreation activities. But, with Showbox, this is never a concern. Users can anytime watch their favorite stuff with no hitch at all. So, no matter how irksome a friend circle may get, no matter how unexciting a journey may feel, no matter how agitated the no-work office hours may become, with Showbox at one’s disposal, happiness has to soar!

Showbox has the likes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Walking Dead and The Simpsons, and therefore has quality unparalleled in terms of production value and content choice.

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Showbox in Pointers

  • Uncomplicated user interface; Easy-to-operate for users with a little or no technical expertise;
  • No Registrations, Logins, or other bothersome provisions;
  • Occupies a little space, so users aren’t required to vacate a whale of memory to accommodate Showbox;
  • Options for Speedials or Favorites for television and movie shows;
  • Sharing made easy on Showbox; circulate favorite shows and movies with no broken momentum.
  • An evenly-made gallery of content where movies/shows are divided as per the respective categories.
  • Videos are watchable even when offline.


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How to Download Showbox for PC?

Showbox’s download can be done in a trice only when you know where to obtain it from. BlueStacks emulator is the most direct and the most viable medium to get Showbox for PC. We are explaining the process here to make things plainer for you:

  • To run Showbox on PC, it is imperative to install BlueStacks emulator on the device. The downloading link can be found on BlusStacks official portal (
  • Look for the end of the downloading procedure, and once it happens, click ‘run’ to install Bluestacks.
  • Download Showbox APK file from the developer’s website. We are advising you to download APK file, because the application is not available officially.
  • BlueStacks will quickly respond to the downloaded APK file, and will automatically do the needful for the installation.
  • Once the installation end, a new icon with a close resemblance to that of BlueStacks will appear, indicating its compatibility with the emulator.
  • Double click the icon, which will initiate the installation. The speed will depend on the speed of your computer.
  • Now, it’s time to launch Bluestacks again. Reaching its homepage, you can see the Showbox icon appearing in the front.
  • Double click the icon, and Showbox for PC is all set to work.


Thanks for reading this post. We hope this article answered most of your queries about how to download Showbox for PC. For more app-based articles, stay tuned to our latest updates and news features on TechMagnetism.

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