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The Best GameBoy Advance Emulators for Android

Why go any other ways when you could play the GameBoy Advance games right on your Android phone. Yes, that’s possible!

There is no denying that GameBoy Advance was one incredible handheld gaming console. You could play plenty of video games from just about any genre there is. The console isn’t manufactured anymore but is still up for grab on eBay and other online stores. But you never know you might end up with a refurbished piece.

We have experimented with some of the emulators and can confidently conclude that they are capable of running all the GameBoy Advance games.

The one big reason why you would want an emulator is that Android offers more powerful gaming experience than the original console. You can play any game you want without any performance hiccups.

The Best GBA Emulators for Android

In the texts to follow, we are not outlining how you can install and run the best GBA games on your Android device. It might be lurking over the ethical threshold and just might even cross it for many. But, finding the ROM for any GameBoy Advance games is easy if you know your way around Google. We are simply listing some of the best and most capable emulators there are.

My Boy : Free GBA Emulator!

  • This is, by all means, one of the best GBA emulator for Android users.
  • It is available on Google PlayStore and is arguably the very first emulator you should try if you are looking for the best gaming experience.
  • We have played over 10 games using this app and all of them worked impeccably.
  • Not only does the emulator offer an incredibly user friendly interface, it also allows you to customize the controls – the feature we really enjoyed.
  • If you are long way through the game and need to stop playing, the app will let you save the game progress at any point of time.
  • This is one big advantage this emulator enjoys over the traditional console.

The availability of number of controllers and the ability to tweak the gameplay makes this GBA emulator a must have. The free version of the app comes packed with a slew of features as it is and the paid version ($4.99) has even more. These are few popular my boy emulator games : Dragonball Z, Street Fighter Alpha 3 (U), Golden Sun (UE) and  Fire Emblem.

John GBA

  • John GBA, too, is a wonderful best GBA emulator you could get.
  • The gameplay is incredibly seamless with barely any performance issues.
  • Featuring the original GBA engine, this app offers a wide range of cheats to make the gaming experience all the more exciting.
  • The rendering is top-notch and the graphics are really cool.
  • What’s cooler is the fact that you don’t need to unpack the zipped ROM as the app can easily identify it as it is.
  • There are some unique features that make John GBA a must try.
  • For instance, it allows you to slow down the pace of the game so that you could easily spot and kill your enemies.
  • Some games demand lots of thumb-work and it might make your thumb hurt.
  • Thankfully, there are turbo buttons that make the game easier on the pollex.

The free version of the game has many features, but you could get more with the premium version only for $1.99.


  • This GBA emulator is totally free including no in-app purchases and one of the best Gameboy advance emulators for android.
  • But it does feature loads of options. You could allot various slots to the game, save the game at different stages, and configure and customize the controller for the enhanced gameplay experience.
  • This emulator also allows you to benchmark the game using your Android device and this is one incredibly cool feature of the app.
  • GBA.emu is likely to work better on the Android devices with superior configuration.
  • Therefore, those who own the cost-effective Android phones may feel some hitches after a few hours of game play.
  • The digital controller pad isn’t perfect but it is quite manageable.
  • You might feel little or no distraction at all in the landscape mode when the buttons become slightly conspicuous on the visuals.
  • All in all, this emulator is worth a try.

GBA Emulator

  • Looks like the developers weren’t much fussy about choosing the name, “GBA Emulator”; pretty straightforward.
  • This emulator makes to the bottom of the list for a simple reason that it isn’t as good as the others.
  • But, there are times when the other emulators do not work on your device and this one does.
  • Performance isn’t much of a problem with this app as its rather sloppy interface.
  • Looks like the developers just hustled it past the Google PlayStore rules and guidelines.
  • With some more effort, this emulator could have moved up a couple of places up in the list.
  • But, it’s not all bad. It will really surprise you with its speed.

You can download GBA emulator for pc as well following the same method.


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