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Siri for Android -10 Best Android Assistant Apps

SIRI, the mobile assistant for iOS devices is currently the most efficient assistant you’ll find in the market, but as it’s only available for Apple we’re here to introduce our android users to the best apps that give SIRI-like experience and assistance.

Just like a personal assistant, these apps help you in your day-to-day life, like remembering birthdays, driving to work/home or making a presentation within.

If you combine these apps with Notepad and a To-do list, you’re sure to reap the best benefits from it.


siri for android assistant-techmagnetism

Don’t judge the app by its name, it does sound like an old school app but it is the most popular virtual assistant on Google play. The most amazing thing about this app is that it is completely free. Assistant has everything you may need from a mobile assistant, it can answer questions, launch apps, send invites, navigate maps and connect you with various web services. From setting the alarm clock to setting a meeting and from great voice recognition to searching the web for information, It can do it all for you.

The user friendly interface and the option to personalize the appearance of your assistant i.e. to choose an avatar for your personal assistant, make Assistant a hot app among the youth. If you are looking for Siri for Android, Assistant comes on the top position in the list of Android assistants.

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Dragon Mobile Assistant


Designed to have the best user interface among the rest, this app has almost all the features you would expect in a virtual assistant. While it lacks some of the less important features, The X-Factor lies in just one thing- Dictation. Yes! This app lets you to draft emails, send text messages, post facebook and twitter updates and write memos with its speech recognition technology.

Also, by turning on the ‘Alternative Mode’ you can set a voiceprint for the app just like you set a password for your phone so that the app registers your voice and responds just to your commands.

Skyvi (Siri like Assistant)


Voice calling, map navigation, browsing the web are the most popular features of Skyvi, similar to all the apps discussed above.

Now you must be thinking why is it on our list of top 10 apps, Right?

What sets it apart is the clean and clear user interface it offers, and the way it’s features are employed. The best part, it can also be used by the new comers or the people who aren’t tech-savy because of the interface it possesses.
For those who’re looking for something simple, This is It!

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EVA – Voice Assistant


This app actually blows away the other assistants when it comes to practical features. It is surely a strong competitor in the virtual assistant market. Although usage can be a bit difficult at first because of its congested interface but once you get the hang of it, the app can prove to be a very good option. The free version has a time trial of 28 days but has access to all the features; the paid version just removes the limit.
Also, It’s the only assistant that has a dedicated ‘car mode’ button. EVA may be another good Alternative of Siri for Android.

Pocket Assistant

pocket assistant-techmagnetism

Pocket Assistant gives you a feeling of a real and live assistant for it features an animated assistant, in a way pocket assistant has personified the virtual assistant other apps offer. Adding this feature makes it appear a little cartoonish but surely adds to its charm and interactive-ness.
Other than that, the app has all the features which helped it acquire a position in our list

Robin – the Siri Challenger


This app is purposely named Robin after Batman’s Assistant-cum-Friend, who was trustworthy and dependable, just like this app. It has everything you would require in a personal assistant, that too without any chance of human error. It can recognize a lot of different languages and accents that allows you to type and send messages with voice command. The best part, this app evolves to suit your needs by learning about you and observing you.



Looks like Jeannie is designed for the people whose native language is other than English, because its advanced voice recognition system can distinguish between many different languages, also you can speak casually and naturally for it to understand your commands. But this brilliant app costs $3, the free trial with limitied features is also available on google play.



Andy is an intelligent virtual assistant and is helpful for the students as well. It can search questions regarding history, science and general knowledge within seconds. Designed with simple and easy interface, the app can display texts while reading it to you. For the people who often use internet for searches, andy is a good option, but, just like most of the other apps, the full version offers more features than the trial version. Andy is also one name that comes in mind when looking for best alternative of Siri for Android.



Jarvis, is not just a virtual assistant it’s a friend. From keeping you updated with latest news to talking like a friend and answering all of your questions, no matter how funny or weird they are. Jarvis does it all. This app can also access your settings and other functions to change them according to your voice commands. Jarvis might be great alternative of Siri for Android.



Though this app was not designed to work as a mobile assistant initially but it surely offers some competitive features to the ones in this list.
Just like a personal assistant, it observes you from your day-to-day actions and then starts to draft template schedules so that you can keep a track about all the small things in your life. Link it with facebook and twitter so that every event gets included in your auto-reminders.

So, What’s your favorite virtual assistant? Tell us in the comments below

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