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Best Game Recording Software For Windows- Top 10 List!

Whether you wish to create a game tutorial or simply wish to share your gameplay with your friends, you will need a game recording tool. Recording the game progress is quite popular and gamers have been doing it for a while now. We have compiled a list of the best game recording software you can use to capture the game progress. Take a look!

1. #Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software-techmagnetism

Open Broadcaster Software, or more popularly OBS, is the personal favourite of a lot of gamers around the world. What makes this software better than the others is that it is highly customizable. This open source game recording program packs loads of features. In spite of being feature rich, OBS is still a completely free to use software.

The interface of OBS is something you will fall in love with instantly. It brings all the information and tools you would need regularly on the screen without causing any clutter. It is also very easy to use. For instance, you could record from multiple sources without having to make changes to the settings.

If you think you have recorded a great game play video and wish to share it with the world, you can upload it to the video portals like YouTube, Hitbox, and others. The software also allows you to save the recorded video to your computer for later use. You can record the video in FLV and MP4 formats. For top-grade video streaming, the software makes great use of the GPU of your computer.

If you wish to create a video tutorial for other gamers to take benefit from, you will find some of the features very handy. For instance, there is picture-in-picture option, push-to-talk feature, customize watermarks and more.

OBS is a very effective yet very light application that does not eat up a lot of your computer’s resources. It is compatible with Windows Vista and later versions. A new version for Linux and Mac OS X is expected to be available soon.

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2. #Action!


Action! Software may not be as popular as a few others in the list, but it is definitely one awesome game screen recorder. This software is paid and probably that’s why most gamers prefer the other programs that are free. Anyway, Action! packs some really spectacular features. This is another program that uses the GPU resources during recording and thus it goes easy on your CPU.

The quality of the recorded videos is simply awesome. If you have a computer that supports 4K resolution, you can record 4K resolution videos at a very high frame rate. This program also lets you add live commentary and thus you can create some great gaming tutorials too. Action also allows remote connectivity with your PC using an app for the Android phone. This means that you can play the computer videogames on your Android device as well. The remote access also lets you control the recordings.

If you feel the urge to share your recording with the world, go ahead and directly stream it on YouTube, Livestream, Twitch, Ustream, and more. If you want you can save the videos on the hard disk of your computer, which of course you can share on social media platforms later.

The manual mode lets you record the game play for unlimited duration. However, if you don’t want that, you can use the Time-Shift option which will record the game progress for last 10 minutes upon the push of the button. You can use the videos as it is or use the Action! software to edit, crop and enhance them.

Priced at $29.95 for personal use and $49.95 for commercial use, this software is compatible with Windows 7 and above.

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3. #Joyoshare VidiKit

Nowadays, we can see the market is flooded with lots of video recording and editing software but Joyoshare VidiKit comes with more exceptional features that make it a one-stop solution for all needs. The software is capable of doing all stuff related to audio and video editing. If you want to choose a screen recorder to help you record games easily, this program is your best choice.

This recording tool provides a dual-mode for you to choose, allowing you to record your sound from the system and microphone simultaneously or separately. You can customize frame rate, bitrate, resolution, quality, and more when you change output formats. It gives you options to save your recordings in a format compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. as it supports multiple formats. You can also add a watermark to protect your copyright and add pointers to highlight your cursor and clicks. To save your time, all you need to do is set start and stop time.

Before recording, it allows you to specify your recording area by selecting a standard ratio or dragging and dropping the blue frame as you want. You can cut and skip unwanted content and ads during the recording process. With its built-in media player, you can preview your recordings before saving them.

This program is available on Windows and Mac. It provides a free trial version for you to decide whether to purchase. Joyoshare VidiKit is priced at $19.95.


4. #ShadowPlay


If you are fond of creating game play videos, ShadowPlay is another program you could try. Many find this software more reliable than others as it has been developed by Geforce, Nvidia the company that has been providing GPU solutions to us for a very long time. ShadowPlay is a pretty powerful program. But, the good thing is that it does not take a bit from your CPU performance. Instead, it uses the GPU while recording the game videos. Therefore, you will barely notice any performance issues while this program is functional. But, you must have GTX 600 or any better version in order to use ShadowPlay.

This software gives you two options to record the game video. The manual mode lets you capture the video of any length. In the manual mode the software will keep recording until you press the stop button. The other option is to use the Shadow mode. You can keep this mode on during game play and if you find any moment worth recording simply press a button and the game progress for last 20 minutes will be recorded. Anything older than 20 minutes will be deleted.

ShadowPlay can even record the videos at 4K resolution at the speed of 130 Mbps. This means you could have some really stunning quality videos. You can use Twitch to live stream the video or you can also save it on your computer. Since the quality is really high the videos take up a lot of space on your hard disk.

This screen recording software is totally free and is compatible with Windows XP and later versions (except Windows Vista).

5. #XSplit Gamecaster


If you love to stream your game videos and are looking for the recording software more suited for streaming, XSplit Gamecaster is the one you would like to consider. Gamecaster comes with some really powerful features perfect for streaming your gaming videos. Of course XSplit lets you record the videos to the hard disk as well, but it is more optimized for streaming.

Gamecaster uses a very nice looking interface that makes game streaming and recording pretty easy. You can get started with game recording with the single push of a button. One really cool thing about this tool is that you don’t need to reconfigure it every time you use it on a new PC. It detects your PC configuration and configures itself accordingly automatically.

Gamecaster can record the videos at a very high quality. You can also stream the videos live to the popular video portals. But, this program really stands out when you are streaming. It uses additional features like watermarks, picture in picture, social media integration, annotations, and more. This software also packs a basic video editor that can enhance your recordings to a good extent.

XSplit Gamecaster is available on Winodws 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The free version of the software has limited features. You can buy the Personal and Premium subscriptions for $4.95 and $8.95 per month respectively.

6. #Bandicam


Bandicam is also one of the popular game recording software out there. It is a paid program and comes bundled with many exciting features. Bandicam is not exactly the program with tons of features. However, it is perfect for the beginners and amateurs. What’s really great about this tool is that it is very easy to use. It has all the basic recording features and some advanced features as well.

You can record the videos in different qualities. You can also alter the frame rates to suit your preferences. Bandicam can record 4K ultra resolution videos too.

There is one thing though you would have wished it had – live streaming. Live streaming is considered to be a very basic feature present in even the free programs. So, you might wonder why Bandicam did not include it.

But, there is one thing you would really love about this software. It comes with an integrated compression functionality that cuts down the size of even the high resolution videos without losing the quality. As a result, the videos take lesser space on your hard drive and also use less data when you are social-sharing them.

Bandicam lets you record the videos for nonstop 24 hours. You can also time the recording by scheduling the start and stop time. Although it doesn’t support live streaming, you can share the videos directly to YouTube once they have been recorded.

Available only for Windows platform, Bandicam is priced at $39.

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7. #D3DGear


Those who are looking for easy to use and fuss-free game recording software would like D3DGear. It is simple software meant for casual to hardcore gamers. You don’t need to set this program up in any special way to use it. Simply launch the program and run the game. It will identify the game automatically and you can start recording with a single press of the button.

D3DGear is also very light. This means that it does not take a huge share of the computer resources while it is running. Therefore, it also does not affect the game play. Also, it uses the GPU resources and spares your CPU allowing you to have better gaming and recording experience.

In spite of being light and easy, D3DGear packs some really cool features. For instance, it uses a built-in compression feature that reduces the size of the recorded videos considerably but does not degrade the quality. The compression happens in real time, at the time of recording. So, even if you are running out of space on your hard disk, D3DGear may still record the video.

This program, like most other recording programs, lets you stream your videos to portals like YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox and more. You could use your microphone with the program for personal commentary.

D3DGear is priced at $34.95 but offers a 15 day, full-feature trial. It is compatible with Windows XP and later versions.

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8. #Dxtory


Dxtory earns its keep in this list of top 10 game recording software. In spite of being extremely light, Dxtory packs a number of features and functionalities that enhance your game recording experience. This tool offers a very well laid out interface allowing you to navigate through various options with incredible ease. Dxtory is a simple program and can be used even by the beginners. It records high quality videos without any loss. However, it does not have an internal compression system and this is why the recorded video files occupy a large amount of space on your hard drive.

Game recording is quite customizable as the tool allows you to choose the fps of your choice, lets you specify the codec of your liking, and you can also select the source of your picking. Dxtory features both automatic and manual recording mode. Unlike most other such programs, Dxtory lets you choose whether you wish to use CPU or GPU resources or you can also have shared usage between both. The tool also supports microphone audio recording. The good thing is that during editing you can separate microphone audio from the game audio.

The free version of the software has all the features but watermarks your video. You can buy the premium version of the tool for $32.

Dxtory is yet another simple tool in this list that offers tons of features while being very light on the system. The interface is extremely simple and makes it very easy to understand all settings and tweak them. It captures lossless videos at Highest quality to ensure you get the best Video (huge size, though). Audio settings are also quite robust being able to record two sounds simultaneously, like game sound and microphone’s sound which can be edited later separately. Currently Dxtory is available only on Windows computers.

9. #Windows 10 Game Bar


All the gamers who have bought or upgraded to Windows 10 have also unboxed a very special and exciting feature called Game Bar. In fact, if you have the Game Bar you wouldn’t need any other game recording program. Game Bar comes integrated with Windows 10 and does not require any additional purchase.

Game Bar is extremely easy to use and yet can record really high quality game videos. Of course you should not expect it to be as elaborate as a few other programs in this list, but it is good enough for most gamers. It can record your game progress really well in spite of the fact that it doesn’t offer too many customizations.

Getting started with Game Bar is easy. During the game play press ‘Windows’ and ‘G’ key simultaneously and Game Bar will get launched. You can start and stop the recording by pressing the relevant buttons on the Game Bar interface. You can also toggle between start and stop by pressing Windows + Alt + R keys together.

Game Bar records the game progress in two different qualities SD & HD. The tool also lets you configure the audio bit rate. Game Bar also lets you record the videos in the background. However, the duration of such a video is only 30 seconds. You can press Windows + Alt + G keys at any point of time during the game play and last 30 seconds of the progress will be recorded.

Game war is absolutely free of cost and only compatible with Windows 10.

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10. #WM Capture


Most of the tools that have made to this list have been designed specifically for game recording. WM Capture, on the other hand, is not particularly meant for recording the game progress. It is essentially a screen recording tool that doubles up as a game recorder. Make no mistakes as WM Capture can record your game play at high quality. You could record the video of the entire screen or you could mark a particular section on the screen for recording. Unlike other screen capture programs, WM Capture can record audio as well. However, it can record audio only from one source, which is either your mic or the speaker.

WM Capture is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is tell the program which screen or the part of the screen you wish to capture and it take it ahead from there. You can record the videos manually or schedule the recording for any specific period of time. WM Capture can also take the screenshot of the screen frame by frame, which you can review later to understand the game tricks better.

WM Capture is the best game recording software and available for $39.95 but it also offers a fully featured free trial. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

11. #Fraps


Fraps isn’t the recording tool you will want to call feature rich. It offers limited functionalities. However, whatever features it packs are of top quality. Fraps is also a very lightweight program that uses only about 2.5 Mb of space on your computer.

Fraps lets you record high quality HD game videos with customizable fps ranging from 1 to 120. Besides being a recording program, Fraps also doubles as a benchmark utility. During the game play it shows the fps statistics on the right allowing you to gauge how smoothly the game is running. It also displays various other performance statistics.

Fraps is free with limited features. If you are looking for more advanced feature you can buy the paid version for $37. This recording software is compatible with Windows OS.

If you want us to add any new free game recording software, then leave your comments.

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