How to install WhatsApp on an iPad ?

That’s not to say that WhatsApp is an easy, intuitive and engrossing platform that has been an obvious spur to the global conversations. A cross-platform application by nature, WhatsApp is constructed with a mission of galvanizing into the way we talk about, and at a pace which never looked achievable before. The application works seamlessly on all notable interfaces available in the market today, such as iPhone, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry.

As of February 2016, WhatsApp enjoys itself a skyrocketing customer count of one billion users, standing peak-to-peak with Facebook’s user following. Using WhatsApp, users can send texts, images, videos and audios with a single click, and that too, for free. This application runs on Wi-Fi connection or an internet-activated smartphone.

On WhatsApp, users can also form chat groups for group conversations that can involve a whopping 100 participants at a time. To your full-length smiles, it is important to emphasize that there is no limit to WhatsApp sharing.

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Instant Messaging and WhatsApp

Think of a world where people don’t interact and get along. Obvious to the understanding, there will be a little scope of neutralizing the social and emotional barriers; a world where diversity persists, but never scales the divide between; a world where there is no community build. We’re sure that this must have left you in bits. Why? The reason is simple – it isn’t just water and air that we can’t live without, it’s the communication too! Communication is what makes humans ‘humans’; a prominent factor that places us a step ahead than other living creatures.

Communication over the years has evolved, and how! The way our communication skills transcended and transformed through ages has been truly outstanding. And, what proved a major propellant is the technology. It all began with the inception of Internet, and the things were never the same as before, and were on the uphill. What added more fuel to the combustive evolution is the launch of social media and the advent of the smartphone culture. Everything got handy, and on the move. This was the juncture when the world witnessed the rise and rise of social media biggies Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn among many.

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Soon, the trend of instant messaging picked momentum with the launch of Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger, an idea that toppled the SMS concept on its head. It can be hailed as the juggernaut of modern communication where messages are sent and received in no moment at all. Over the time, the tools of instant messaging, such as Facebook Messenger and Google Talk, have become the most sought-after, and one such platform which has unanimously ruled the charts is WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp had its genesis in the year 2009 when two Yahoo employees – Brian Acton and Jam Koum – decided to broaden the arena of personal communication. A download number of one billion on Google Play is a significant marker of WhatsApp success. The most heartening features of the application are the availability of its browser version and voice-calling feature.

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How to get WhatsApp for iPad without Jailbreaking

The world met its destination when WhatsApp was introduced in the cell phone circuit, and it soon proved a real game-changer. This cutting-edge messaging application has everything that a man of today feels necessary – quick communication, on-time response, interactions on the move, usage cost that doesn’t burn a crater in the pockets, cross-platform content sharing, voice calls and so on and so forth. However, its unavailability on iPad is a fact that may choke your desires. However, here we have listed down a comprehensive guide that will offer you a brilliant chance to download WhatsApp on iPad and capitalize on the opportunity.

  • Insert SIM card of your iPad into an iPhone.
  • Switch your iPhone on, and install WhatsApp from iTunes. However, if this application is already available, uninstall and reinstall it.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable, and start i-funbox software.
  • Search the WhatsApp folders and copy all of them to the desktop.
  • Now, plug out the USB cable.
  • Use iTunes app and search WhatsApp. Once you find the download link, an .ipa file application will appear on the screen, indicating the installation of the app.
  • Trace out the .ipa file in Programs folder. Copy it and paste it on the desktop.
  • Next, use a USB cable to attach iPad with the computer.
  • Launch i-funbox again and click ‘WhatsApp Installer’ to begin the installation.
  • After a couple of minutes, the WhatsApp will be installed on iPad for use. The messaging app will be available in ‘User Applications’ for further processes.

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