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Best 10 Legal Sites to Download Free Music in 2016

Finding a site to download your favorite music for free is not exactly very easy. When you look up for ‘free music download’ on the search engines like Google, you are presented with endless list of sites.

In spite of so many choices, we often don’t wind up with what we were actually looking for. So, to make things easy for you, here is the list of the top 10 free sites to download music.



It is one of the most popular sites to download free music. It does not have its own repository of music but digs into the pool of music by YouTube and SoundCloud. However, it also lets you to find the songs from other sources as well. You just need to make changes to ‘Manage Sources’ in the settings. The site is pretty fast and safe as well. It allows you to download CD quality music very quickly.



SoundCloud has emerged as one of the leading music sites over the last few years. This site allows users to create their own sounds and music. This cloud based site also lets you record and upload the music of your choice. You can also share the music to the social media platforms directly from the site. Signup and download are free.

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This site has the repository of hundreds of thousands of songs, sounds, and music. It allows you to download free MP3 songs. You can also see the list of the featured and trending songs on the home page. They also have a big database of the lyrics.

You can look up for the songs by the name of the artists or the title of the music. You can also use the search box to look up for your favorite song. The site also lets you easily embed its MP3 player on your website.

The site is fast and reliable. You can download the songs to your computer or smartphone within a few seconds (depending upon your internet connection speed.)



If you are looking for a website that offers fast and easy music download then is another site you must consider. The site has evolved quite dramatically in last few years and now it is extremely safe and fast.

You can look up for the songs by artist, genre as well as top albums. You can download an entire album or a specific song for free.

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This site is pretty much one stop shop for all your free music-download needs. Whether you are looking for rock or jazz, classic or country, the site has it all. Download is extremely easy. You just need to right-click on any title to save it on your computer or phone.

The excess advertisements may fluster you a bit but you can easily get past them by blocking the pop-ups.



The site is incredibly user friendly, easy to use, and very fast. Their music collection is huge and thus you will find just about anything you want. The search results are accurate and fast. There are plenty of ways to find your favorite music.

The site also features the top songs on its homepage along with the album charts. The easy to use interface makes it a breeze to find the songs of your choice.

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This site is very well known for its amazing collection of the music. While it looks like you can only stream and play the music from the site there is also an option to download the music for free. Not all the songs are free but there is plenty to choose from.

You can see the free genres on the left sidebar. If you find what you are looking for, you will just need to click on the free download button.



Who would have thought that Amazon could also offer free music? The fact is that Amazon has just about everything you are looking for including free music. From the songs from the days of Vinyl to the modern digitally composed songs, you can find a lot here.

The latest tracks are not free owing to the copyright issues. However, there are loads of licence free songs available to download on your computer or smartphone.


BeeMp3s has millions of songs waiting to be downloaded for free. From your favorite artists to your favorite genre, you will find it all here. The search option is simple and advanced allowing you to find any song you want very easily. If you want only the originals and no remixes there is the option to filter them out.

#10 Mp3Viper


Mp3Viper is probably the biggest free Mp3 site at this time. The site keeps getting updated with more and more songs every day. However, looking up for the songs may not be as easy as you may want. The search function is not really what you would like to call ‘advanced’.

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