Top Email Apps For Android And Tablets

Top 6 Free Email Apps For Android And Tablets

Email is still the best way of communication in this world. You can use email for sending pictures, documents, important document work, you can use it to communicate online business as well.In corporate offices most of the work are done through emails which is the most important thing in today’s world. We have listed few of the top and mostly used email apps for Android which are listed below.



When looking for best email apps for Android, Gmail comes first to the mind. Gmail is built for email with latest design and features which makes it more efficient ,more fun and more useful than any other email app. You can get your email with notifications and for the conversations online and offline. You can manage various gmail accounts and you can save & view the attachments.The new in Gmail is if you are using on Android Lolipop 5.0 you will get a new feature of hiding sensitive lockscreen notifications.And you will get regular updates from google in Gmail which makes it one of the top email apps for android.

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2.Aqua Mail

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Aqua Mail is a standard email app for Android 4.3 and higher.It can save attachments in the memory card on your android phone and has a simple design for efficient use.There are various settings to set the application you want it in your own way and it is widely used worldwide. It also supports swipe gestures for sending, deleting, forwarding or replying to an email which makes it fun to use.Like Gmail you can also add two or more than two accounts on Aqua Mail.The new in Aqua Email is Calendar Sync for accounts ,Updated spanish translation and new permissions. It has gained top position amongst best email apps for android.

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3.Cloud Magic Email


Cloud Magic Email is an award winning android email app amongst top emails apps for Android. It supports multiple accounts like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, IMAP, Yahoo Mail, Office 365 and iCloud and supports in stand push notifications for all types of email.You can connect with your favourites like Wunderlist, Evernote, Zendesk, Instapaper and more apps.It has a complete support of Microsoft exchange.You can use it in multiple languages like German,Spanish,French and Russian.It has a great interface to use which is fun.The new in Cloud Magic Email is you can download attachments,remote wipe the data and you can Sync email accounts.There are numerous features which makes it one of the top email app.



Mailbox is a new redesigned inbox which quickly swipe messages,scan conversations,email light,snooze emails with a tap button,mute conversations,route all receipts to a list which is fast and mobile friendly.It has great features which makes it a reliable email app ever made. It helps its users to send, archive, receive and trash messages and allows browsing the inbox folders.Mailbox also checks all the malware to protect your device.The new is it has been redesigned for various specifications,signatures can be displayed and you can edit HTML emails as well which makes it the top android email app.

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5.Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail an old is gold email app which is forever.You can now personalize it with news,daily weather,news digest,sports scores and more.You get an instant alert for emails,you can send files,attach pictures,send documents.You can access all your folders like inbox,drafts,sent,trash which is most efficient email app ever.It has 1000 GB of free space which is never ending storage.It is great to use where you can read messages in full-screen and you can select multiple messages at a time.It is still one of the best and widely used email app.

6.My Mail


My Mail stands on the top rated email app where you can manage all the email accounts at once like gmail, yahoo, AOL,outlook, Icloud and all major email apps.It is created to use all your email app at one place for easy use and access which is great.Push notifications, search through server & local contacts,Active sync,Menu icons are some great features for my mail.It is the most efficient email app ever made and gives a great email app experience.

We’ll update you with more advanced emails apps for Android very soon.

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