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10 Best Music Players for Android in 2016

If you got a music library on your Android phone, you must also be looking for a suitable music player. Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 apps for Android.

Long gone are the days of Walkman we used to carry in our pockets along with our favorite audio cassettes to listen to the music on the go. These portable music devices were replaced by more digitally advanced MP3 players.

Later came the time when everyone wanted to own an iPod. But, with smartphones getting smarter, they became everyone’s music player.

There is hardly any argument against the fact that dedicated music players offer superior sound quality. However, convenience outweighs the extra quality. Moreover, audio quality offered by mobile phones is pretty acceptable too.

#1 Poweramp Music Player

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  • Poweramp is one of the most famous music players for the Android and  iOS.
  • The interface of the app may look a bit confusing at the first glance but it is not really.
  • The app comes packed with loads of features. The app can play just about any known music format such as mp3, mp4, etc.
  • It is also compatible with a number of popular playlist formats as well.
  • The interface of the app is pretty customizable with the use of the skins and themes.
  • It offers various playback options including dynamic queue, cross-fade, and gapless playback. You could also look up for the lyrics using the supplementary plugin.
  • The app makes good use of the Android platform with its widgets.
  • The appearance of the widgets too is also quite customizable.
  • The performance is pretty solid too. Poweramp is powerful and works very smoothly.
  • The app is available for $3.99, but offers a trial period of 14 days. You have every reason to check it out.

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#2 BlackPlayer Music Player

  • There is something about the appearance of this app that will make you fall in love with it at the first sight.
  • The interface is extremely impressive with the prominent black. The transitions are also smooth and eye catching.
  • When it comes to performance, it will certainly make you happy.
  • The app works very fast and almost flawlessly.  You could play just about every popular music format such as wav, mp3 and more.
  • The playlist support is also pretty inclusive. With built-in equalizer, lyrics, gapless playback and compatibility with the third party graphical equalizers, the playback becomes quite stunning.
  • Then there are some additional features, such as 3D visualizer and bass-boost that make it a must have for every music lover.
  • You can easily change the appearance with various themes and color schemes. It also has support for a number of handy widgets to make the experience even more amazing.
  • The app is free. However, if you wish to enjoy the advanced features, there is a one-time fee of $2.00.

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blackplayer-music player-techmagnetism

#3 Shuttle

  • If you are looking for best Android music player that is highly effective and complies with the Material Design guidelines recommended by Google, Shuttle is the app you should be searching for in the Google Play Store.
  • Being in line with the design guidelines, Shuttle obviously has a beautiful and easy to use interface to offer.
  • But it is not just the design that has made Shuttle the preferred music player of many audiophiles; it also has a lot to offer in features and performance.
  • Just as you would expect, it supports a wide range of audio formats including the most popular ones.
  • Then it has the support for 6-band equalizer, gapless playback, and bass boost.
  • The widgets are not just good looking they are quite handy too. What’s even more incredible is that they can be easily customized.
  • On the performance front, this app seems to run without any hitches. The app is free with premium version available for $1.99.

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#4 Rocket Music Player

  • Wrapped with innumerable exciting features, Rocket Music Player has become one of most downloaded music apps for Android.
  • The interface is clean, highly functional, and based on the Material Design UI.
  • Nearly all types of audio formats are supported including mp3, mp4, ogg, wav and more. It also supports popular playlist formats such as m3u and m3u8.
  • The app is capable of playing music but it can also play podcasts as well as videos. There are equalizer presets as well as the support for the custom sets.
  • You also get batch selection, lock-screen support, and a number of themes.
  • The free version of this app has many features. However, if you want to unleash the full power of the app, there is a premium version fee of $3.99. This is also one of the best music players for Android.

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#5 Stellio Music Player

  • This isn’t the music player you would want to place among the most popular ones, but it surely is pretty good.
  • A quick glance at the interface and you will want to explore it further. The performance is perfect with smooth animations and transitions.
  • It is wrapped with a number of playback features including 12-bands equalizer, cross-fade, and various audio effects. It also has AGC, balance, Echo, Z-Treble and so much more.
  • Stellio also supports a number of music formats as well as playlist formats.
  • Besides the core capabilities, there are many other features as well including customizable widgets, tag editing, lyrics and more.
  • The performance is nearly flawless. The app is up for purchase for $1.69 with a free trial of 10 days.

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Stellio Music Player-techmagnetism

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#6 Phonograph Music Player

  • Phonograph may seem like a new kid on the block don’t undermine it yet. This Android music player boasts of an incredible Material Design user interface and comes packed with some nice features.
  • The features aren’t too advanced but its interface is something that’s making it known among the music lovers. It offers a clean design and easy navigation.
  • The regular playback capabilities are there including gapless playback, sleep timer, equalizer, and some good audio effects.
  • You can play all the popular music files including mp3, ogg, and wav.
  • The app is free to download but includes many in-app purchases. If you are someone who isn’t looking for the advanced features but the incredible ease of use then this is the app to go for.

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Phonograph Music Player-techmagnetism

#7 Pixel Music Player

  • Old and experienced are good! New ones are not bad either! While Pixel Music Player is also a new entrant in this field, it does bring with itself some interesting features you would love to explore.
  • Staying quite in line with the Material Design UI guidelines, Pixel delivers a very neat and nice looking interface.  Besides the looks, Pixel also has some strong features.
  • It plays just about every popular audio format including mp3 and mp4. Playback is powered by built-in as well as support for external equalizers, gapless playback, bass-boost, 3D virtualizer support, and more.
  • It also has its own music recommendations. The app is free and the paid version is available for $2.24.

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#8 n7player Music Player

  • What’s most unique about his app is its interface. It is not like the other apps with the lists and menus styled all in the same way.
  • Its UI and navigation are unlike any other app. The gestures like pinch to zoom are incorporated to good effect in the app.
  • Searching for the songs or the artists becomes extremely easy with the simple gestures.
  • You can switch to the traditional way of browsing but it is not at par with the other apps. All the popular music formats can be played on n7player.
  • On the playback front, there is gapless playback support, 10band equalizer with numerous presets, ability to add custom presets, timer, balance, bass and treble, and audio normalization.
  • The app is free you can unleash the full capabilities with the paid version for $3.99.

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#9 Google Play Music

  • Google Play Music comes pre-installed with almost all the Android mobile phones. It might look like a basic music player but it is not.
  • Considering the fact that it has its own streaming services, Google Play Music becomes more than just a player.
  • The best thing about it is that it is the in-house app and thus gets along very well with Android. On the performance front it is flawless.
  • Also, it offers the cloud support allowing you to play your music collection from any of your ‘signed-in’ Android device.
  • There are no advanced music features, but its unique features make it a must-have for everyone. It is absolutely free and there are no in-app purchases.

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#10 Musixmatch

  • Musixmatch is most popular for its lyrics support. Although its capabilities as a music player are quite agreeable, it is the lyrics support that makes it unique.
  • It features a lyrics popup, called Floating Lyrics that lets you see the lyrics on any part of the screen.
  • If there is a song playing nearby, it will pick its lyrics as well. The lyrics are always synched regardless of the song being played.
  • Besides the lyrics features, it also packs in many other cool features. Musixmatch lets you play wide range of codecs including the most popular ones.
  • It also has various playback features. The app is free to install but there are in-app purchases.

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