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Download Kik for PC (Windows 10/8/7)

To be candid enough, it is asserted that with the advancement of technology, a man’s life has been revolutionized. It was not expected that the technology at the very beginning was not as much as it was desired, but the things have come full circle, particularly our communication methods.

The modern technology has ushered in a new religion, specifically the ingress of smartphones, which has strengthened our relationships to the remotest areas, and we are living in global village. The perpetual spadework in the arena of technology has given us the cream of the crop ‘Instant Messaging’, an astonishing internet-based innovation which has made the sending, viewing, and replying to the messages a one-time job. On the periphery, there are still tons of ongoing efforts to catapult the concept of Instant Messaging to a new pedestal, and there are many wonders in the pipeline. While marvels like WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM and Snapchat – have already cemented their position in the fickle markets, there are many applications, which are ready to emerge a cut above them. One such outstanding application is KIK Messenger.

Read below to learn the process to get KIK on PC.

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Kik-for pc-techmagnetism


Know Your Application – KIK Messenger App

KIK, which has circumscribed everything in its antenna, fully juxtaposed to the Instant Messaging apps, WhatsApp, BBM and Facebook Messenger among many. Having even one of these applications in your smartphone makes every interaction to occur in spades, once you are having some knowledge about their functioning. These applications aren’t made just for the portable smartphones, but are also designed to work hitch-free on PCs and the Mac; and, considering this top-tier feature, it isn’t wrong to say that we have had the best of Instant Messaging at hands today.

Taking the floor on KIK, it is an expert delivery by those who wanted to make headway in this sphere, and so much so that they invented an app, finely-equipped to handle a flurry of messages with sheer ease. KIK for PC app works on cellular data packs on smartphones, or the Wi-Fi connectivity, and empowers an individual to share files in a flip. This instant messaging app comes with the least of functional restrictions, which makes it compatible to messages, pictures, videos, video and audio recordings and other content formats. A KIK in your smartphone makes you able to send and receive messages across the globe.

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kik messenger for pc-techmagnetism


  • The Story Behind: A group of tech-savvies from the University of Waterloo, all agog over the wave of Instant Messaging, decided to give shape to their wild and high visions of launching an app in the same genre, and created ‘KIK’. The application graced the markets in the year 2009.
  • The Making: Packed with commendable features, KIK app was launched as a cross-platform application with Android, Windows and iOS compatibility.
  • Figures of Popularity: Speaking of KIK’s sky-rocketing demand, the application has a user-base of 120 million, and the boom has not decelerated even for a fraction of a minute.
  • The ‘Kick’-starters: The KIK users are the ‘Kicksters’.

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KIK doesn’t have a PC version, but that doesn’t deprive the PC users of its charm. The application needs supportive drivers for PC download, which are known as Emulators in geek-speak.

Emulators are the quick-fixers, which makes a Windows device act as an Android one, and clears the way for smooth run of applications. One such emulator, which can open you to the vast functionality of KIK, is Andyroid, which is helpful in bringing change from Windows to Android.

It is important to stamp it onto your memory that KIK app is free, and so does the emulator Andyroid. So, whatever will happen, it would not cost you anything.

Important to Note: To begin with KIK on PC, Google Play is a must. You have to sign up for Google Play and get yourself registered with Google.

How to Download Kik Messenger for PC

  • As you are going to download KIK for PC, you first need to download and install ‘Andyroid’ by reaching the site ‘’.
  • Once this has been done, double-click on the Andyroid icon in the downloads, and start the installation process.
  • After the installation, a new Android-like screen will pop up with a ‘Google Play’ icon at the bottom right. This is your gateway to KIK Messenger for PC.
  • Tap twice on the ‘Google Play’ icon, begin the login procedure, and build sync to your Andyroid account.
  • If you have already downloaded KIK, the synchronization will be automatic. However, in the opposite circumstances, you will be required to reach Google Play and download KIK from there.
  • After the download has reached completion, double-click the application icon to use it.

With no doubt in our heads, we say that KIK for PC is just the thing you need for unlimited sharing and connecting with the people of your choice and for practical purposes or simply entertainment such as making a prank call to a family or friend.

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