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Top 10 iTunes Alternatives to Manage iPhone Without iTunes

Why do we need to look for the iTunes alternatives? Let’s get it straight: iTunes is great; we are not denying it. It has been the most widely used device manager for the iOS devices for ever. There was a time when Apple refused to be flexible and the only way you could manage your device was through iTunes. Thankfully, Apple has loosened up a bit and lets you use other drivers. However, most drivers need iTunes installation as a prerequisite.

The problem with iTunes is that it packs tons of features in one (which is also considered to be its USP). But, there are times when you need something simple and fuss-free. That is when you start searching for its alternatives. Here is the list of 10 alternatives to iTunes we have put together for you.


#1. Wondershare TunesGo


TunesGo can be easily considered as the complete replacement to iTunes. Just about every feature present in iTunes is also offered by TunesGo. And there are more too. It is not a regular media player that you install on your device. This application can manage your iOS devices completely. Not only does it allow you to transfer music from computer to your iOS device but you can also copy music to your computer from your iOS device. You can also sync the media library of the iTunes with the Android devices. The free version of this app is good enough for most users. However, it also has a paid version which offers advanced functionalities. TunesGo is available on Mac and Windows. TunesGo is the best iTunes alternative amongst the listed apps.

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#2. doubleTwist


If you are looking for a more cross-platform alternative to iTunes, doubleTwist is what you should be looking at. This tool is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. It is a great app that can easily sync the media library across various devices as long as you have an internet connection. There are very few tools that let you sync the music on Android with iTunes. However, doubleTwist does that with incredible ease. This app also works really well with the Windows.

doubleTwist is rather a fuss-free app. It gets onto the job straightaway without frills and pretensions. If you want something that is simple and yet effective, this is the app of choice. The interface is pretty simple too and easy to use. It is a free app but if you want additional features you can buy the paid version.

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#3. Ecoute


Ecoute is definitely one of the finest alternatives to iTunes. Once you install and launch this app, it will detect your iTunes library automatically and will also import it. This app also features a pretty nice looking interface. The buttons and icons are laid out nicely on the screen. Some of the required, but less frequently used, elements of the interface become visible only when you zoom in. You can customize the interface to a good extent. You can connect this app with your social media account as well. It also has an iOS app that can serve as the primary media player on your mobile devices. It is available on Mac and iOS platforms and is completely free of cost. Ecoute might be the best choice If you are looking for best iTunes alternative.

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#4. Swinsian


Available only on Mac computers, Swinsian is also a great alternative to iTunes. This app focuses primarily on media playback functionality. Most other features are not available. One of the best things about this app is that it detects the AirPlay ports automatically if they are available. Also, it also offers simple metdata/ID3 tag modification. Even the interface bears resemblance to that of iTunes and thus it carries the air of familiarity.  The interface is simple and well laid out allowing easy navigation. Swinsian is a paid tool but better alternative to iTunes..

#5. Media Monkey


Available only on Windows, MediaMonkey is one of the most popular media management tools. If you are using an iOS device along with a Windows PC, this tool can serve as a great replacement to iTunes. MediaMonkey is a very comprehensive tool that brings all the media to one place making it easy to manage them. It can also automatically detect the information pertaining to the missing tracks and fill the gaps. The smart algorithm of this app also helps you remove the duplicate items and builds the playlist automatically. MediaMonkey supports a number of media formats. It syncs the music directly with all your iOS devices.

The free version of this app comes with a lot of features good enough for most users. However, if you need some additional functionality you can upgrade to the Gold version.

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#6. PodTrans


PodTrans can be considered to be the miniature version of SynciOS. However, what sets it apart is that it is cross-platform. It is available on both Mac and Windows. Also, unlike the other device management tools, PodTrans does not ask you to install iTunes in order to sync music between the devices. The interface is quite user-friendly and integrates the drag and drop functionality. This makes this tool even easier to use. It also features a good quality media player. PodTrans is completely free of cost. PodTrans is also one of the best iTunes Alternatives.

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#7. SynciOS


SynciOS is one elaborate device management tool for all iOS devices. This tool comes packed with all the features you will expect in any such tool. You can transfer the media, sync media content, back up photos, videos, and do a lot more with this tool. SynciOS is available only on Windows platform at the moment. It is completely free and this makes it one of the most sought after device managers around.

#8. Fidelia


Fidelia is available only for the OSX platform and one of the best iTunes alternatives. It is one of the more advanced tools designed for serious music lovers. This app features a top-grade design that offers high quality audio experience. It lets you prioritize your sound to your preferences. The interface looks a lot like a radio with a modern design. The visualization of the audio frequency is pretty cool and also very accurate. Fidelia uses the most advanced technologies for audio rendering and supports a number of music formats.

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#9. Tomhawk


This is another big name you must have definitely heard of. Besides offering support for almost all the audio formats, Tomhawk also lets you connect to a number of social tools such as, Spotify, Soundcloud and more. Whether or not you have a particular song in your personal library, if you are looking for it this app will find it from all the sources you have connected it with. This cross-platform iTunes replacement is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux OS. The free version of this device manager is pretty decent in many ways. In case you need added features, you can buy the premium version as well.

#10. Vox


Priced at $19.99, Vox could easily be the media player of your choice. It is not only the appearance of the app that will make you fall in love with it; the number and quality of features Vox comes bundled with are simply awesome. It is also designed using advanced technology and offers full support to high-fidelity sound. It also supports just about every audio format out there including FLAC. Vox also offers ‘Loop’ features, which lets you save your music library to cloud. What’s amazing is that the cloud backup is lossless. This may be good choice if looking for iTunes alternatives.

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