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Top 4 Benefits of Software Testing

Software testing seems to be the buzzword in the world of software engineering in recent years. But what exactly is it, and why should you include it in all future software development projects? Software testing is a blanket term for all the processes involved in verifying and validating that software is bug-free and meets all technical requirements.

Here are the top four benefits of software testing:

1. It Saves You Time and Money

As a person who is right at the heart of software engineering, you already know developing software from scratch is a mean feat. You also understand that software development, regardless of how simple the project is, has many stages. Having to start the process all over again because you didn’t know of errors and bugs during the first stages of development is time-consuming, costly, and nothing short of frustrating. Having a company like OnPath testing as part of your development process will help you detect errors and bugs in every stage. This is more cost-effective than having to repeat the entire project.

2. Helps You Determine User-Friendliness

When customers invest in your software, they are not interested in the technical jargon involved in its development. They are instead interested in seeing how it will make their life easier. Therefore, if they find it difficult to use, then they will toss it in the recycle bin with no second thoughts and look for user-friendly, efficient software.

In that case, you will not only have lost a customer, but your reputation will be damaged as that client will likely leave a bad review. Software testing allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the users to see whether you’d like your product if you were on the other end. This way, all your products become user-friendly.

3. Weigh the Security

With the alarming rates of cybercrime, the last thing you need is to develop a product that will put your users at the risk of cyber attacks. Note, hackers, come up with sophisticated techniques each day. Even the smallest loophole in your product can cause a major security breach. For instance, in 1994, China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed and killed over 200 passengers due to a minor software bug placed by hackers.  Luckily, one of the main benefits of companies like OnPath testing is that other than bugs and errors, they allow you to test out how secure your software is on all levels. This way, you deliver and secure software products.

4. Software Testing Results in Customer Satisfaction

There are over 22 million software engineers  in the world. Each one of them competes for the same clients as you.  Delivering top-notch and outstanding products is the only way to win over clients in such a saturated market. Luckily, with companies like OnPath testing, you can achieve that and more. You get to deliver fully-functional, secure, easy to use, and error-free products that clients will love. And as you know, a happy client means more clients on the way and business growth for you.

Every developer, including you, is human. This means even if you’ve been creating software for the past decade, you are still subject to errors. OnPath testing is the key to ensuring you avoid these errors and develop an overall excellent product that will stand out from the plethora available in the market today.

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