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How to Increase Your Organic Website Traffic

Over 90% of search engine users don’t click past page 1 of Google’s results. On the flip side, about 25% of them take a look at the first thing that pops up. Getting your business up higher in search engine results is a surefire way to drive traffic organically, but exactly how can you boost your website traffic?’

Here, we’re going to answer this question and take a look at the many aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). Read on to learn some ways that you can boost your visibility!

Create Quality Content

Creating quality content is one of the most important facets of SEO. You’ll want to create unique blog posts and video content that brings real value to those on your site. This will engage them to purchase your services in addition to decreasing your bounce rate.

Make sure that your posts are about relevant topics that your target audience cares about. Don’t include fluff, but instead make sure that each sentence adds to the message of your post. This keeps people interested and drives conversions with solid CTAs.

Use the Right Keywords

Keyword optimization is one of the most important parts of SEO. You can use resources like SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool to find high-volume words and phrases with low keyword difficulty (KD). Choose something with a search volume of 100+ and a KD score of under 80 for the most effective SEO campaign.

You also need to make sure that you don’t stuff keywords all through your post. Instead, organically incorporate them into blog posts, home pages, and video descriptions. You want it to be easy for bots to crawl and people to read.

Don’t Forget Link Building

It’s important to link to other high-quality, non-competitor webpages within your keyword-rich content. Having these links on your website establishes a connection with them and makes you look more reputable. It also has the added benefit of directing consumers to products that they may buy in tandem with yours.

Getting “votes” from other pages via backlinks is also important. This means that you’ll want to invest in guest post packages and buy SEO backlinks. You’ll drive inbound traffic that makes you look credible, reliable, and high-quality to all bots indexing your site.

Stay Active on Socials

Speaking of inbound links, it’s important that you post links to your official website on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This is a surefire way to drive inbound traffic and get people talking about you.

Make all links shareable so that Google crawlers see your site being mentioned all across the web. If people share your link on other websites, that increases your overall reach and boosts your visibility in multiple ways.

Boost Your Website Traffic Today

Looking good to Google crawlers may not sound like a top priority, but you need to appeal to them to boost your rankings. Now that you know how to increase website traffic, it’s time to get started with search engine optimization. Check out the “business” tab on our home page to learn more about getting your organization’s website higher visibility.

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