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Best Minecraft Mods You Must Install

Looking for the best mods for Minecraft game? We know that Minecraft is an awesome game. But, after having played for hundreds of hours, you start to feel that the things are playing themselves over. This is because there is only so much you can do once you have explored everything. The mods, however, add new elements to the game and take the experience to the whole new level. Take a look at the list of the best Minecraft mods we have rounded up for you.

1) Optifine

If there is a mod name that crosses our mind the very first time for Minecraft game, it is Optifine. Whether you have played this game for thousands of hours or you have just started playing it, Optifine is a mod you must have installed. Hundreds of thousands of Minecraft lovers across the globe are using this mod already. Optifine accentuates the visuals and makes the game graphics look stunning.  It completely enhances the HD textures and makes the game play experience unmatchable. If you have been experiencing any lags or snags, Optifine seems to fix them all. Go ahead and get it right now!

2) Dungeon Pack

Minecraft is a very addictive game and we have no doubt about it. It keeps you glued to your device. But, if you have played the game for many days, you may start to find it a bit boring. The game becomes repetitive once you have explored and done everything you possibly could. This is where the Dungeon Pack mod comes into picture. It adds ‘that’ extra to the game you have been craving for. As the name suggests, your regular Minecraft game gets supplementary dungeons to explore. This means that during your quest you will discover a many new exciting items and loaded chests. This mod takes the game experience to the whole new level.

3) Fastcraft

We have very clearly said that Optifine is the best Minecraft mod you can get. But, let us also admit that it requires slightly superior (if not completely high-end) computer specs. If you have an old or rather not so powerful PC, Optifine will do more bad than good to the gameplay. And, no one wants to degrade the gaming experience. So, what you can do instead is install another great mode called Fastcraft. Not only does this mod run well on almost all the computers, it also speeds up the performance of Minecraft game. This means that if you have been constantly frustrated by the lags and slowness, Fastcraft will make things better for you.

4) Botania

If you are someone who loves everything that is ‘nature’ then you will surely love this mod. This isn’t the mod that adds a lot of thrill and adventure to the game like dungeons and caves. But, as the name gives it away, it adds a lot of greenery and flowers to the game landscape and eventually makes it look more beautiful and scenic. But, make no mistake as these flowers aren’t there just to be looked at and admired; they offer many functions too to help you with the game play. For instance, you could feed some of the flowers to the animals.

5) CraftGuide

One of the biggest challenges with Minecraft is that in order to find the crafting recipes you have to pause the game and switch to a web browser to search for them. This could be pretty irritating and interrupts the flow of the game. The gamers have been requesting the developers to add the recipes feature directly to the game play and had no success.  But, thanks to the CraftGuide mod, you now have all the recipes available within the game. You don’t have to go anywhere now. This further means that you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience.

6) Animal Bikes

Minecraft is all about building and exploring. You would have noticed that a great deal of your time is spent in walking by faith on foot from one place to another in search of new quests and resources. But, with the Animal Bikes mod things become easier for you. You can now ride the animals and travel across the game map with incredible ease. This is all the more useful if you are going on a long journey. Minecraft game world is huge and having a ride at your disposal could be a big plus. Not only do you ride the land animals, you can also fly high on the back of the dragon.

7) Decocraft

Minecraft is a lot about quests and adventures. But, we must not forget that it is also about craft and building things. A lot of gamers are looking for the items of decor to make the interiors of their creation more aesthetic and visually appealing. The problem is that there isn’t a lot to find in the Minecraft world. That shouldn’t disappoint you as there is a new Decocraft mod for you. This mod presents to you a huge list of the items you can use to decorate your creations and your world.  There are plenty of items to pick from including toys, lamps, chairs, plush items, and a lot more. This is one of the best Minecraft Mods you must try.

8) Twilight Forest

How about adding some foliage to your Minecraft world? The lush green forests added to your world could provide a completely new level of gaming experience. The forests bring to you a number of rewards to be had. At the same time, they add the element of danger and thrill with the lurking monsters that will lunge at you from the dark. Twilight Forest mod also adds a lot of visual appeal to the game with towering trees, green plants, and beautiful lakes cutting across the lovely landscape. The jungle is huge and there is a lot to discover. This mod brings a new twist to the game that you will definitely enjoy.

9) Still Hungry

If you need to keep the fight going and wish to remain alive for a long time, you will need lots of food in this game. You must have noticed that the food supply in the regular game is very sparse and scarce. Sometimes it is not enough. That is the time when you wished you had more. Thanks to the Still Hungry mod that supplies a wide range of food items to the game and makes sure you never go hungry. There are some really tasty items to be treated with including pizzas, pancakes, burgers, and a lot more. So, get this mod and make sure that your appetite is taken care of. Still Hungry is also one of the best Minecraft Mods.


WAILA stands for What Am I Looking At. When you have played the game for a while you end up collecting lots of items, gifts and rewards. Remembering the name of the item could get tricky when you have a lot on the screen. Also, when you are playing with a multiple mods, memory management becomes more difficult. This is exactly where the WAILA mod comes into picture. If you want to know what item you are looking at, simply hover the cursor over it and a small pop-up will appear telling you the name of the item and other details. This clearly saves your time as you can quickly pick what you need.


Minecraft is an amazing game and it can be made more amazing with this incredible mods. You can add a variety of features and introduce new elements to the game play. Some performance-oriented mods can enhance the quality of gameplay by making the game faster. Go ahead and give them a try.


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