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What Makes Plantronics USB Headset a Great Choice for a Stellar Sales Team?

USB headsets have emerged as the most popular wearable technology over the past couple of decades. In the professional USB headsets world, the market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% till 2024. With notable launches like the Plantronics’ Voyager 8200 UC, the industry has seen a level of innovation that surpasses others.

The competition is intensifying in the professional headset industry, with many prominent players launching innovative products. With so much choice, it isn’t effortless to decide the right one for your business is. To make your decision easy, this article explains why the Plantronics USB headset is the best choice.

Sleek Design That Complements Professional Attire

Gone are the days when headsets were so bulky and large that they covered most of your face. Thanks to the ever-evolving wearable technology, USB headsets have become smart, sleek, and elegant looking. They can meet the demanding environment on the sales floor and enhance the professional look of your sales team. You have a wide variety of choices, with each coming in different wearable styles.

Superior Sound Quality

The Plantronics USB headset is designed to deliver higher levels of kbps for the best quality sound. They are designed with adjustable volume to ensure safety and audibility. You can experience the digital stereo sound and control the volume at the touch of a button.


The two-way noise cancellation ensures that the conversation is clear and without interruptions. The soft padded cushions on the earpiece cancel out any outside noise. The mic is designed to deliver only your voice by minimizing any unwanted background sounds. The movable mic allows you to adjust based on your comfort.

Three-way Connectivity

The Plantronics USB headset can easily connect to your PC, desk phone, and mobile. The plug-and-play feature allows switching between devices quickly and easily. Moreover, it focuses on enhancing the productivity of your team. They also automatically divert calls to the device closest by detecting the distance. So your sales team can focus on making sales rather than waste time connecting headsets to different devices.

Smart Headsets

This age of smart technology calls for headsets that can detect the environment around them. So, when you leave your desk for more than a few minutes, it should be able to sense your absence and automatically lock your PC and phone. It can update your status to busy, away, or available based on your activity levels.

Lightweight, Comfortable, and Durable

They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, adjustable, built to last, and energy-efficient. When your sales team is pitching to customers, they don’t need to be distracted with the headsets. The Plantronics USB headset is so comfortable that they almost feel like an extension of the body.


When there are multiple users, headsets are prone to accumulating bacteria over the earpieces and the mic. This can be a cause of concern. These headsets come with removable ear cushions, ear hooks, and mic sleeves that ensure hygiene. Each rep of the sales team can have their headphone kit, which they can use while working, and then remove and leave the headset for the next user.

The world of USB headsets has many players who make it difficult to pick one headset for your business. The Plantronics headset stands out from the crowd with its smart, innovative, and user-friendly features. This means that you can focus on business strategies rather than which headphones to buy.

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