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Best 10 Linux Distributions for 2017

Whether you are a long time Linux user or have just started thinking about getting a Linux OS for your computer, you will want to make sure that you get hold of the best. So, here is the list of the Top Linux distribution in 2017. Lets start the article on 10 best Linux distros to choose from.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is one of the most customizable distro you will find in the Linux ecosystem. Unsurprisingly, Arch Linux does not unpack loads of feature during installation and that makes it a very lightweight OS. This ensures that the performance is great once you install it and you can also customize it to your liking. Arch Linux is also not built upon any other distro design and thus it gives you a fresh appeal. It is indeed one of the most popular distros among the Linux users.

Arch Linux uses the Pacman Package Manager which offers a great deal of versatility. However, you would want to know that Arch Linux is not necessarily meant for the end users and thus do not expect it to be very user-friendly. But, it is extremely popular among the developers. If you are new users, you may want to try other distro, get a hang of the Linux ecosystem, and once you are accustomed you can install Arch Linux.


Portmanteau of Community ENTerprise Operating System, CentOS is extremely popular among the users for its server capabilities. So, you must have already guessed that this distro is not quite popular as a desktop OS. Anyway, the developers have been trying hard to improve the interface without compromising its core functionalities.  To say the least, they have been partly successful too.

When it comes to its server capabilities, there is hardly any Linux solution that can even come close to it. CentOS is highly robust and extremely stable. It is fully binary-compatible to RHEL. This is why it is dubbed as the most viable replacement for RHEL on the cloud virtual private server vendors. The growth and popularity of CentOS since its development has been pretty phenomenal. It is indeed the personal choice of many expert webmasters too around the globe. If you are looking for some serious server solutions, this is the Best Linux Distributions you must definitely try.

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Elementary distro has proven to be quite handy to the users of Apple and Microsoft platforms. More popularly referred to as Elementary OS, this distro is built upon the Ubuntu OS version 16.04. If you have used Ubuntu before, you will find some striking similarities between the two. In fact, those who are used to Ubuntu would like Elementary as they will feel very familiar with it. One of the best things about Elementary is that it has a very nice and clean interface.

This is why it is also one of the best desktop distros you will find out there. Elementary first came out in 2011 and since then the developers have released 4 versions, each more stable than the one before. Elementary is easy to use and is thus a great choice even for the beginners. It’s smooth and polished appearance gives you a big reason to try it once.


When Zorin was first developed, it failed to see much of the daylight. It did not rank well in the past two years. However, the developers made some significant changes and finally Zorin got to enjoy its time under the sun. In fact, today it is one of the most popular Linux distributions among the Linux enthusiasts.

Zorin was designed keeping the end user in mind. The objective was to create an interface that was as simple and user-friendly as Windows. The idea was to create something which was useful and lightweight and that people do not have to rely on Windows anymore. In other words, Zorin was to be the replacement to Windows. Well, Zorin still has a long way to go in this regard. However, it is definitely one great looking Linux OS. In fact, it incorporates the GUI which is quite similar to that of Windows. This is why it has been able to appeal even some of the most hardcore Windows fans.

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Fedora is one of the few Linux distributions under the umbrella of Red Hat, Inc. Fedora Project has developed and maintained the Fedora OS. This Linux distribution is also quite popular among the users. One of the best things about Fedora is that it keeps on incorporating new technologies in its new versions. This is why it has emerged as one of the most advanced distributions so far. If you are thinking about getting your hand at the latest software programs compatible with the Linux ecosystem, Fedora is Best Linux Distributions you should be looking at.

Fedora has been designed to be user-friendly and thus it is becoming very popular as a desktop OS. Some experts like to compare it with GNOME. Fedora is a good looking distribution and is also pretty easy to use. There are several desktop versions available for you to choose from.


Manjaro OS is known for its flexibility and power. Based on Arch Linux distribution, Manjaro is the personal favorite of many Linux enthusiasts around the world. In fact, its growth in the year 2016 was remarkable and there is no reason why it will not continue in 2017.  Manjaro leverages the potential of Arch Linux and also enhances it to a great degree. Unlike Arch Linux, Manjaro has been designed using the new users in mind. Therefore, it has a wonderful desktop environment and a very user-friendly interface.

Manjaro does not offer as much flexibility as Arch Linux. If Arch Linux is unused land, Manjaro is the structure built upon that land. You will find many preinstalled applications, programs, codecs, and more. This is why it is a great tool for the Linux beginners. The developers have been trying to enhance it constantly. This is why there are frequent updates to Manjaro.


If you don’t Ubuntu as the RHEL replacement and looking for something fresh and reliable, openSUSE could be a great choice for you. This free of cost Linux distribution is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted apps among the Linux users. It doesn’t matter whether you are a geek or a beginner openSUSE is a great OS for all. It has been created by some of the finest developers and boasts of some incredible Linux experience.

There are several Enterprise Linux products that have many awards and are based on the openSUSE platform. Those who are looking for the advanced Linux distribution for 2017 can settle for this one.

The developers have clearly stated their objectives and they want openSUSE to be one of the most usable OS in the world. The interface of this OS has been designed very meticulously and is quite user-friendly. This OS also packs a number of features for the geeks and developers.


Ubuntu is the name we have been hearing a lot these days. One of the best things about Ubuntu is that it offers customer support to the users. This is a feature that is lacking with most other Linux distributions. But, Ubuntu users need to sign the support contract in order to receive the professional help. But, that should not deter you. Ubuntu boasts of a huge user base and thus there is a lot of community support available as well.

Another great thing about Ubuntu is that it has difference versions for personal and professional use. It has the different server and desktop editions. This OS is built upon the Debian framework and thus you can expect it to be a robust OS. Ubuntu is one of the pioneers of Linux distributions. Although several other OS have come to the picture, Ubuntu continues to maintain a solid customer base.


Debian is less than 2 years away from celebrating its silver jubilee in the Linux ecosystem. Debian has been the name among the Linux distributions to reckon with. It is highly reliable, extremely stable, and very useful. Many Linux distributions have been designed based on Debian, including Ubuntu. Debian offers the highest number of packages making it one of the most preferred choices for the servers around the world.

Debian 8 is the latest version which was released in 2016 and is codenamed as Jessie. In 2017 Debian 9 will be released which will be codenamed as Stretch. The development of the latest version is still underway.

There are many Linux users who have not used Debian. However, most of them have used at least one of the Best Linux Distributions based on it.

Linux Mint

Many Linux experts consider Linux Mint as the best distribution ever to be developed. But, what’s ironic is that it is built upon Ubuntu, which itself is based on Debian. There is no doubt that Mint takes the things a few notches up as compared to Ubuntu and Debian. It comes bundled with a lot of new and useful applications, software programs and codecs.  It is a complete OS package that is ready to be used right after installation. This is why it is a good choice for beginners and experts alike.

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