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Software Applications To Boost Your Business

Succeeding as a small-business owner in today’s digital world means integrating the right software programs into your enterprise infrastructure. Technology has made doing business more convenient than ever for customers and business owners alike. All business and service sectors are using tech to gain insights into customer behavior and better understand what drives buyers.

Companies shift their energy toward business strategies that prioritize using everything from CRM to analytics software to optimize the customer experience and get a competitive advantage. From the retail industry to the healthcare industry, digital technology is fueling a revolution in how businesses and institutions meet consumers’ specific needs. Continue reading to learn what software applications you should use to boost your business.

Network Security Software

Having a robust IT infrastructure is necessary to compete in today’s economy. However, going digital does make your business much more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

If you run an online retail business, your customers are trusting you with sensitive, important data every time they purchase something from you. For every purchase, hackers are looking for the opportunity to rob your company and your buyers. Nothing ruins the customer experience more than not protecting your customers from cyberattacks.

Phishing attacks are among the most prevalent cyber attacks right now. Hackers use elaborate schemes to get unsuspecting users to give up sensitive information about themselves or even your company. Cybercriminals use tactics such as offering discounts on premium products and special promotions to lure people. Once they have their target’s confidence, they’re able to get company data and personal data.

Securd is a maker of network security software that focuses on protecting businesses from phishing attacks. Their software can protect your system even after a user clicks on a misleading link or gives cybercriminals access to your IT systems. Securd is a member of the Global Cyber Alliance, a multi-national nonprofit organization of IT developers and pros who use their expertise to make the cyber world a safer place.

Not only does Securd block and delay phishing attacks, but it also uses the power of analytics to ensure you’re able to see phishing attacks coming. With the power of big data to give you actionable insights and best-in-class defense technology, Securd is an excellent choice for any business owner looking to boost their network security. To learn more about how Securd can help to make your cyber systems safer, visit

Point of Sale (POS) Software

In retail, sales data is one of the most important tools at your disposal. With real-time sales data, you get actionable insights into customer behavior and customer demand based on demographics. It’s a useful tool to have in your arsenal.

Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS) offers comprehensive POS software that helps optimize everything from supply chain to inventory management and sales data. With their powerful retail analytics software, you’ll better understand your strengths, increase your company’s visibility, and enhance your customer experience.

If you want to get deeper insights into customer behavior, you need analytics solutions capable of handling the fast-paced eCommerce world. Enhanced Retail Solutions is the best retail analytics software for small businesses looking to take their customer experience to the next level.

Communication Software

Many businesses have had to transition into operating completely digitally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on the number of employees you have on your team, it can be difficult to keep everyone in alignment.

Using communication software like Microsoft Office and Slack is like having a digital office. It’s simple to disseminate information to your entire company, specific teams, and individual team members to ensure your entire team is still aligned.

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