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Download Periscope for PC – Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Periscope, an app which is developed by Twitter allows you to broadcast and share live videos with the world. It’s a streaming app from a trustworthy and an acknowledged company i.e. Twitter Inc. It was released for iOS, but now it has been developed for android users also. Although this widely used, most celebrated and popular app among the youth is now available for android but not for the PC yet. Don’t worry that’s what we’re here for- To help you in installing Periscope on your PC, that is by an extension!

When you share your videos in periscope, your followers get notified after which they can also join or comment on your broadcast. Also if some of the followers were not able to see your post, you can replay it from them. Periscope is like a weird combination of instagram and snapchat, with periscope you can send updates to some specific and selected friends just like you DM in instagram and the videos stays on the server for a limited period of time as in snapchat.

In a time where there are so many news channels and other media platforms for video coverage, periscope gives you an insight into a popular or not so popular event through a layman’s camera. Imagine the quality of emotions you’ll feel when you’ll realized the video is recorded just to capture the moment, not to fetch money or TRP’s out of it. Also it relieves us from our dependency on social media and news networks to get latest news and videos of the events happening around us.

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Features of Periscope

The value of replay-
After complete installation of a broadcast, it is only available for 24 hours on the server, after which it is removed.  

Private broadcasts-

Periscope allows you to secretly share your stories with a selected set of people on your list. Yes you can choose a limited audience for your every post.

Notification management-
Periscope notifies you about your friends who use periscope. Periscope app collects this data from your twitter account and in-turn helps you to set custom notification preference.

Periscope Hearts-

Periscope hearts is an example of inspiration; it is inspired by the ‘like and comment’ feature of Facebook.

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How to Download Periscope for PC – Windows 10/8/7/XP

1). Download and install latest version of Bluestacks on your computer, using ‘Bluestacks Offline Installer’

2) After installation is complete, launch the app and complete all the processes, like signing to Google play and modify the display settings to suit yourself.

3) Search for periscope in the Search Dialog Box, click search, select the correct app from the options that appear and then install the app from google play.

4) After installation is finished you’ll be notified after which you can use Periscope App on PC and Voila!

Yes, the process is that simple, just follow these four steps and you’re done!

If you’re unable to find periscope through search dialog box, you can simply install APK file for periscope and launch it with Bluestacks Installer, it’ll get installed automatically.
But, for people who can’t operate Bluestacks, an emulator called ANDY can also do the work for you, that too with a better and easy user interface. The installation process of Periscope For PC through Andy is almost similar to that of Bluestacks.

How to Get Periscope for PC via Andy

Step 1:
 Download andy.

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy

Step 3: After completion, lauch the app and search for periscope

Step 4: Download the app from google play

Step 5: Click on Periscope app and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game after installation

Step 7: That’s it, you’re good to go

Enjoy Playing Periscope on PC!!!

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This process of installing Periscope on PC is unique and simple. Now you can happily enjoy Periscope on your PC and broadcast your videos as well as see other people’s broadcasts. You can also heart other’s videos just like you do in instagram, Periscope also keeps a count of how many hearts you have got on your video!

Comment, share, like and view as many videos you want with Periscope, It’s the next level news channel.

If you like our article, share this interesting process with your friends or comment in the section below.

Hope this helps, Thank you for your time!

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