How Technology Will Impact Your Marketing Strategies in 2019

Ever since the dawn of digital marketing, technology has been an obvious and inseparable part of various marketing strategies and implementations. In 2019, new tech trends are popping up just like every year before it, and some of them will specifically impact marketing and sales. A look at the various ways in which this will likely happen or is happening already will help you devise better and more updated strategies, which will, in turn, get you a step closer to the results that you are looking to achieve in 2019.

The Impact of Voice Search Will Be felt More Profoundly in 2019

Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri have been around for years now, but in recent years, a slew of other personal assistants have entered the field from a number of major names in the world of technology, including Amazon. The increased competition means that the necessity to devise marketing strategies with voice searches in mind is more important now than ever before. Also, the speech recognition technology itself is reaching maturity with developer efforts and machine learning, which is eventually making voice searches a more convenient option than typed searches. Therefore, it would be a big mistake to not consider the impact of personal AI assistants and voice searches while devising an SEO-optimized web content strategy for marketing.

Emotional Data Will Play a Profound Role in 2019 and Beyond

It is not as if emotional data was something that could not have had an impact before in marketing because human beings are emotional creatures and we are mostly driven by our emotions while making purchase decisions. However, what makes 2019 special is the fact that now businesses have actual access to truly useful and reliable emotional data, thanks to the Magid – Emotional DNA metrics. They have measured and collected relevant emotional data and interpreted patterns that can be used to create and implement marketing strategies in accordance with the emotional needs and expectations of the target customers. The application and the ROI of the eDNA metrics are going to be revolutionary in marketing this year and beyond, as its application spreads across branding, content creation, ad sales, media planning, program placement, dining, automotive, and much, much more.

Adaptive Marketing With Atomic Content

It is difficult to explain what atomic content exactly is because it is dynamic in nature and changes according to the particular project. Nevertheless, the idea behind it involves adaptive content formed through dynamic customization of the smallest relevant parts in any kind of marketing content or strategy. Atomic content is created dynamically by putting together multiple demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data into devising a customized marketing plan specific to each customer/customer group. We are definitely going to see atomic content develop further this year.

While there will certainly be other impacts that tech advances will have on marketing and sales, these three are expected to have the most profound influences this year, so before devising any future marketing strategies for your own brand, you should really consider these first.

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