Which App Is the Best Tax Receipt Organizer for Freelancers?

How can freelancers use technology to keep track of their expenses and make taxes easier? Here are the candidates for best tax receipt organizer app.

The US government received over 155 million tax returns for 2019 by the end of December. Many of those returns come from self-employed freelancer workers.

Are you a freelance worker? If so, then you know keeping track of expenses isn’t always easy. Through the clever use of technology, you can make tracking expenses a better experience.

Tax receipt organizer apps are the perfect solution for tracking expenses and receipts. Are you wondering which apps work best?

Keep reading for the best tax receipt organizer apps.

The Expensify App

Expensify offers both a free and paid version of the app. It works whether you’re using an Android or iPhone.

This handy app simplifies your freelance life. Snap a photo of your receipt and the details go straight to the program. Costs, dates, and merchant information are there at your fingers.

Hate keeping track of mileage information? No worries. A couple of taps on your phone and your information is recorded.

You’ll get five free scans per month. For as little as $5 dollars a month, you’ll get unlimited scans and mileage tracking. Your expenses will also auto-categorize.

The Mint App

Track expenses and keep yourself on a budget. Mint aggregates your accounts all in one place.

See all your bills and create a budget. You can even check your credit score without a hit on your credit.

Did you make some personal purchases and work purchases at the same time on one receipt? No problem. Mint lets you break transactions into categories. Put one part of the purchase in personal and the other in your business category.

The Shoeboxed App

Are you running a bigger business and you need something more robust? Try the Shoeboxed app.

This powerful app starts at around $30 dollars per month for freelancers. Tired of all those piles of receipts on your desk? Send them to Shoeboxed via the “magic” envelope.

A real person inputs all the information for you. You can also scan receipts via the mobile app. Shoeboxed categorizes your receipts by date, time, the amount spent, and vendor.

Make expense reports and export and share them with your CPA for easy tax preparation. The digital receipts are audit-ready with IRS-acceptable scans. No more last-minute receipt scavenger hunts for you!

Another Important Tax-Prep Tip

When you’re preparing for your taxes, don’t forget about your employee’s W2s! You can easily create a form W2 here.

This program is perfect for creating quick and professional-looking payroll forms. When tax time rolls around, your employees will appreciate your efforts.

Use a Tax Receipt Organizer and Make Your Life Easier

Use a tax receipt organizer this year and say good-bye to the stress of tracking freelance expenses. No more searching through piles of old receipts. These apps all make record keeping easier.

These tax receipt organizers help you stay up to date, avoiding the last-minute hassles of tax season.

Start with a free app and work your way up to something more robust as your needs change. You’ll be glad you did!

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