How Responsive Website Templates Are Useful Today

Any web designer who is up to date should know how important responsive website templates or responsive web designs (RWD) are. The main idea is to make sure that a website is compatible with different devices including mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Reputable designers have developed website templates that can automatically detect the screen size of any device on which it is loaded and adjust to give users the best web-browsing experience.

This is unlike in the past when websites consisted of fixed sizes, making them difficult to use on different devices apart from the ones for which they were created. This is thanks to the CSS Media Queries code technology, which gives the templates the ability to adapt to any device automatically.

How RWD Works

As mentioned above, the technology behind this innovation is CSS Media Queries code. It is not a new technology in web design as CSS is used to define various parameters in a website like colors, font size and now the height and width. When Media Queries is added to the technology, experts can now have websites that will automatically adjust to different screen sizes.

The experts add different options like 1024, 768, 480 and 320 pixels. The templates, through the help of the code, will detect the size of the device’s screen and automatically adjust to the right number of pixels. This advancement has brought numerous changes that are enjoyed by both the visitors to the website and the owners of the website. However, few website visitors really know about technology unless they are the developers or the owners.

Features of RWD

You can easily get responsive website templates from reliable designers and third-party sellers. Among the many features to enjoy, here are the popular ones that you should know.

  •        Better images – the template will adjust the images appropriately to perfectly fit in the browser window. Quality and appropriate aspect ratio will not be lost.
  •        Varying layout – different devices vary in layout, and the website layout will also change with this to fit perfectly. So, no matter which device you use, the layout will appear normal and well-suited to the device. This level of adaptation is a big plus for both site owners and visitors.
  •        Changing fonts – smaller screens require smaller fonts while bigger screens will need larger fonts. RWD will hide details that are not important to accommodate only the most important ones on a smaller screen.

Top Benefits of Using RWDs

Now that we have seen the features to check for, it is time to mention the most important benefits. One of the essential benefits is having a compatible website. Today, most people use their smartphones to browse the web. A small number use large screens like TVs. Many people still use a typical PC. When you are using a responsive template for your site, anyone can browse and have a smooth experience. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing a large number of visitors.

Another benefit is the speed of opening pages. Experts do not have to create a website with several pages that suit different devices. Only one set of pages is needed. The media will also adapt to the screen seamlessly to give users a fast experience. This will increase the website’s reputation.

Perfect Examples of RWD

There are hundreds of templates from different sellers out there. But only the best should be used for your website. Therefore, you need to know a few of the best templates out there.

Monstroid – this is a WordPress template with a five-star rating from different users and reviewers. You can trust the template for your private blog website. Currently, it is updated to make sure that you enjoy all the possible features. It will fit your web content like text, images and videos on any screen while maintaining important features like social media integration and other popular features. The template can be purchased for a minimal price from reliable sellers. There are many other WordPress templates that are also responsive.

Vente-Multipurpose – among the many RWD templates offered by PrestaShop, this is one of the most popular. It can suit different websites in different niches and still offer an array of features. The level of compatibility with mobile devices of different screen sizes makes it a perfect choice for many clients. Through the help of an experienced web designer, you can easily revamp your old website to use this RWD template.

Amber-Pet Care – for those who are running a website related to pet services, selling pets or even pet products, you now have a great option. This template, like others, is highly responsive and includes social media integration to maximize website traffic.

Car Masters Template – this is a Shopify template that is suited to the auto industry. In addition to being responsive to different screen sizes and devices, it has a plethora of features to enjoy. It is sold by reputable website template sellers who have added value to the template. If you are making your first website, you can still go for this to build your reputation quickly.

Constructify Template – for those who are in the field of real estate, you should use this template to give your potential clients a smooth experience. One thing to realize is that most people who are looking for properties use mobile devices. This RWD template will never compromise the images of the houses and other properties or hide important details even for mobile users. Therefore, it is a template that has more benefits than just being highly responsive.


As a business person or a web designer, you now know how important RWDs are to the users. One will definitely improve the user experience, which is one of the main determinants of success. Also, you have seen how the technology works and perfect examples of the templates you can use. Do not hesitate to buy any one of these templates from a reputable seller. These sellers usually add more value to the templates than is available with the free templates that flood the web.

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