What is PHP Hosting?

PHP is a scripting language developed by the PHP group and is not built into the code of the machine it runs on. The term “PHP” is an acronym for “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.” It is one of the most famous scripting languages. This language is an open source interpreter, meaning it interprets in real-time. PHP produces dynamic content and is embedded within working HTML code, and instead of a browser, it is run on the web hosting server. The main goal of PHP is to provide a free and powerful tool to create websites that are dynamic. PHP files can be identified by .php extension. PHP is very flexible and can perform functions most static sites cannot. In order to know more about PHP hosting, visit

PHP-enabled web pages are handled like regular HTML pages by web browsers. We can edit and create PHP pages pretty much the same way we do for regular HTML pages. As PHP is a universal scripting language, the websites that are designed with PHP are compatible with mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. A large number of well-established websites, including Wikipedia and Facebook, are written in PHP. It is important to know that if the website is written in PHP, it should be hosted on a server with PHP processor module. Check with your web hosting provider to make sure if the hosting plan you are using supports PHP.

Functions and Benefits of PHP Hosting

  • PHP code can track users’ history on a website and can perform complex calculations.
  • It interprets the type of device on which the page is being displayed, and then displays the version of the page that best fits the screen of the device.
  • Interactive web pages like forums and blogs that thread conversations between users can be programmed using the PHP language. You can create an entire interactive website by just using PHP code.
  • PHP actually loads quickly without slowing down the other processes because it runs in its own memory space.
  • PHP is flexible. It can connect to different databases, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and others.
  • With PHP language, the programmer can alter the appearance of graphics on the fly. Programmers can resize, rotate and alter the color of graphics through PHP coding.
  • Although most of the PHP programmers use MySQL, PHP is compatible with a wide range of databases, including Microsoft Access and SQL Server.
  • PHP is an easy language to learn for programmers who have already learned languages like C or Perl. A vast number of online resources are also available.
  • It is a secure and stable scripting language. PHP is continuously being improved and is also being fixed of any bugs that are found.
  • This type of web hosting is cost-effective. PHP is open-source, which is why there are no licensing fees associated with it.

PHP web hosting has the ability to read and execute the PHP programming language. If your site is built by using the PHP framework, then PHP web hosting is an excellent option for you.

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