5 smart way to work with your pdf to double your productivity

Are you looking for the best approach to handle your pdf files? Well, we will give you the perfect guideline in this regard.

How to use your pdf the effective way

Convert the pdf into Word for editing

There are times when you receive a pdf with text and it needs an update. Well, what you should do is convert the pdf into word. The benefit of this practice is that you can easily update the file in Word before saving it as a pdf again.

You can also try another method when you have to edit your pdf. You can upload it to Google Drive. It will be simple for you to edit the uploaded pdf file.

Turning a pdf into an image

 Are you in the habit of sharing pdf images on a regular basis? The good news is that when you make use of pdf images then you can get a high resolution. However, it can be difficult to send the pdf images through email in comparison to a standard image file.

It can also become a problem to view a standard pdf image on your mobile phone. The best approach is that you should convert the pdf image into a jpeg image.

Merge pdf

If you want to create impressive presentations, then you should think along the lines to merge the pdf so that you can represent multiple file types in a sleek offering. The best part is most of the top pdf editors offer this feature.

Go for pdf editors that allow customisation

Some people make use of e-forms on a regular basis. Are you one of them? If yes, then you need to go for a pdf editor that allows customisation. For example, you may want to erase the existing content or add in fresh content. Pdf editors that allow text customisation also give the facility to the users to add images and shapes.

Extract the significant pages from your pdf

There are times when you have a large document but you only need to send a few pages to a co-worker. You should not worry about this situation at all. Make sure that your editor offers a tool that allows you to extract the necessary pages. The benefit of this practice is that you will not have to send the entire document to your co-worker. He will only give you the feedback on the necessary pages.

What you need to keep in mind is that when you are efficient in working with a pdf, then it saves you the time required in annotating and printing. Make sure that when you get hold of a pdf editor it has all the features that will help you speed up your tasks.

Ideally, go for an editor that comes with a trial version so that you can ensure that it offers value to you and you develop a comfort zone working with the specific pdf editor. If you need an editor with enhanced features, then you should go for sodapdf.editor/pdf-editor.

It will be a wise move on your part.

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