Cache Issues: 7 Reasons Why You Should Clear Your Browser Cache

When you pack an overnight bag you do not need to pack your whole wardrobe. The sensible thing to do is to take what you need and travel light. It is so much easier and more pleasant than dragging a big bag of unneeded clothes around.

In a sense, that is what you could be doing when you surf the internet and do not clear the cache. The result is that your browser is lugging around unnecessary information that slows down your browsing speed and affects your overall experience.

Cache issues may seem a little abstract but when you learn more about what the cache is and why you need to clear it regularly you will keenly add it to your techie know-how. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will be asking your friends if they are clearing their cache regularly also.

  1. Need for Speed

The speed of the internet has skyrocketed over the past few years. If we were to go back to the old browsing speeds we would probably give up on the internet. The speed of our internet browsing allows us to do amazing things through apps in real-time as data is sent and retrieved from remote servers.

We can access a vast amount of content that is stored in the cloud. Of course, all of this is dependent on having a speedy internet connection. The slower the internet connection the worse our experience is of using these cloud-based services as well as browsing in general.

As you use the internet, data that is downloaded through your browser is stored on your local device. When you save data to the cloud then that information is uploaded to another server elsewhere but that doesn’t automatically mean the data that was on your computer is deleted. Actually, it remains on your device and slows down the speed of your device and all the associated functions.

The cache is the place where it is stored. If you clear your cache then your computer will operate faster and you will have a better internet experience.

  1. Optimization When Bandwidth is Low

Low bandwidth problems only add to your cache issues. If your internet signal is weak or you are in an area that has only 3G and limited signal then the bandwidth over which data can be sent and received from your mobile device will be vastly reduced.

This means it will take longer to download documents and data to your device. That combined with a slow-performing device because of your cache is a ‘mobile nightmare.’ Clear the cache and your device will work more quickly.

It is true there will still be limitations as to how fast you can download data and how good your browsing experience will be. However, if you clear cache you are at least optimizing for the best possible speed given the limits of your circumstances.

Sometimes the conditions in which we are using the internet are not good and we are getting sub-optimal bandwidth. In which case we want our device to run as fast as possible. Clearing the cache will help.

  1. Up to Date Information

Information on the internet is changing and updating at a phenomenal speed. The internet is not constrained by 9-5 or by any time zone. English is a world language and information is being updated 24-7.

One of the reasons we love the internet is because of the speed at which you can be informed. Vital up to date information is at the heart of many industries and can influence important decisions.

If you do not clear the cache there is the risk that sometimes the pages that load on your browser are showing you old information. Clear the cache and be sure you are getting the most up to date version of any webpage you are viewing.

  1. Avoid Old Forms

Embedded within many webpages are web forms. These collect data and depending on their design and purpose many will channel you to other web pages with relevant content.

If you do not clear your cache regularly there is the risk that old forms will load on webpages that you are viewing. Sometimes these forms will prevent any new forms from loading.

This is a case of old forms conflicting with new forms on the webpage. Keep it simple by making sure you regularly clear your cache and do away with this risk.

  1. Protect Your Personal Data

We often hear about identity theft and the lack of security for personal data. There is the possibility that your personal data that you have entered into previous sites is stored within the cache on your device.

Don’t risk others accessing this sensitive data by making sure you regularly clear your cache. If there is personal data it will be deleted and out of harm’s way. On some devices, it is obvious how to clear the cache but you can read more about how to do that when using an iPad or iPhone.

  1. Smoother Experience with Other Applications

Web browsers have become more and more sophisticated. In the past browsers would have several add-ons to enhance the functionality of the browser.

Nowadays add-one are less common and third-party applications are more popular. These work with your browser to provide additional services such as editing PDFs, scheduling events, and even video conferencing, etc.

In a nutshell, if you clear the cache of your web browser then these applications can optimally interact with your browser. To some extent, this depends on the app and browser but in general, will lead to a smoother experience.

  1. Maintain Your Browsing Privacy

The cache is a sort of indirect record of what websites you have been visiting. If you are concerned about your browsing history and whether it can be seen by others then you should clear the cache regularly.

Your Cache Issues Are Over

Who would have thought there would be such a benefit to clearing the cache. There are some small disadvantages in some cases as you will need to input some data or preferences for certain sites. Still, overcoming these cache issues outweigh any perceived inconvenience.

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