TOP Ad Blockers on Android in 2022

According to a survey published on Internetworldstats, almost 80% of Internet users have a negative attitude toward intrusive ads while using their gadgets. And it’s not surprising – the Enders Analysis report states that such ads can consume up to 79% of Internet traffic. The best ad blocker apps for Android, introduced by developers in 2022, will help to forget this problem forever.

AWAX 10/10

Functionality 10.0

Pricing 10.0

Reliability 10.0

Users recognize Android ad blocker AWAX as one of the preferred solutions on the market of modern ad blockers. The app provides faster browsing in all common web browsers, allows you to disable banner ads, as well as ads in games, other programs, and videos, and protects against spyware.

The blocker has been developed using the latest technologies – it uses local filters instead of external servers, which eliminates system overload. Regular updates of the database allow the most diverse apps to run ad-free.

You can install the Android version of AWAX from Google Play or the developer’s website. Test the app free of charge for 7 days – make sure of its convenience and reliability right now!

Adblock+ 9,3/10

Functionality 9.0

Pricing 10.0

Reliability 9.0

It is an extension for Android gadgets, letting you create personalized lists of ad filters. That is, to remove only those invasive ads the user wants to hide. In addition to pop-ups, Adblock+ blocks virus-infected programs and tracking queries.

You can download it from the developer’s web resource, Google Play, or the Chrome Web Store for free. The user receives a message when installing it that the system will access their personal data. However, the developer emphasizes the formality of this message – user information is not tracked or collected.

If you expect to get the Best ad blocker on Android,  free choices are not always what you need. After all, they may have certain limitations. For example, users will need root rights to configure some features.

AdLock 9,2/10

Functionality 10.0

Pricing 8.6

Reliability 9.1

The AdLock app is also popular among users for whom it is important to block ads on Android apps. Clients are offered three pricing plans to choose from – it is possible to pay for a subscription for a year or 5 years or to make a monthly payment.

The product’s developers guarantee the owners of Android gadgets protection from viruses, any spam publications in the browser, games, and other software, and, importantly, data privacy.

Ad blocking with AdLock saves mobile traffic and battery life by disabling unnecessary downloads of ad units.

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