How to Block Ads in Android Games Forever?

Android mobile platform is beloved by most of today’s users for its convenience, openness, and customization. But it so happens that the abundance of advertising in this OS exceeds all reasonable norms. Not for nothing, marketers invest about $340 billion a year in creating and distributing digital creatives in games, apps, and social networking clients for smartphones.

The problem of spam with advertising offers in all popular digital solutions has led IT industry experts, to get into the fight against intrusive marketing and aim to disable ads in android games and apps. And some developers have even succeeded. Market players such as AdGuard, AdBlock, and Nord have achieved partial success in blocking ads, but their solutions are limited to browsers and specific types of software.

How to Stop Ads on Android Games With an Innovative AdBlocker?

Experts from our editorial team conducted market research on mobile ad-blocking solutions, testing dozens of different apps and comparing their effectiveness. It took some time to find out who was the competition’s favorite because we had no idea that such a young company could compete on equal terms with the old school.

The key features of AWAX for Block Ads in Android Apps:

  • A local VPN that redirects all traffic to an advanced, self-renewing filter.
  • A tracker blocker prohibits tracking user actions on the system, apps, and sites.
  • Permission limiter that disables malicious elements in links, creatives.
  • App activity checker that detects suspicious traffic, processes, or bypass permissions.
  • Process optimizer that cleans RAM before launching heavy games or apps.

When you buy a subscription, you get a full set of innovative protection solutions packed into one app. It allows you to block ads in offline games or online services such as YouTube. By installing just one utility, you get rid of ads on your device forever!

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