Top 3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Microsoft Office 365 Consultant

If you are thinking about using Microsoft Office 365, then it is best to hire a consultant to walk you through the process. The main reason why you need to hire an expert is that such a solution is ever-evolving and changing.  If you wish to get the greatest out of the product, invest in a specialist. Your consultant can give you long-term strategic help to make Microsoft Office 365 continuously work for your business.

But hiring Microsoft Office 365 consultants is not that easy. The field is saturated and overcrowded. Consider the following factors before deciding on a specific consultant.

Make sure that the consultant you want to work with understands the entire Office 365 spectrum.

The right Office 365 consultant understands the entirety of Office 365, how it works, and what it can offer. This knowledge should also include expertise on all components and complexities of the software. If your consultant knows how these components work seamlessly together, it means that he also understands Office 365’s infrastructure components. He knows how such software can handle instant messaging and email, aside from its social and business aspects. With such diverse knowledge and understanding, your consultant can help you make the most of Office 365 and its features.

In reality, most consultants specializing in Office 365 already have a firm grasp of its technical infrastructure. They may not be very well-known with the software’s social and business components. If you can find a consultant, who can do both, go for him.

The prospective consultant must be able to help you now and later.

Strategic guidance and ongoing support are two of the best benefits Microsoft Office 365 consultants can offer. Compared to its previous versions, Microsoft Office 365 is different. It is not static, which means that if you do not have somebody to provide ongoing support, your operations might be compromised. You can also be left behind.

If the consultant you plan to work with does not understand the value of after-sales service, then you should think twice about operating with them. The best consultant would be someone who can provide an answer to this critical question: “What does an Office 365 shift mean to your business?” If they can answer this question, then you can expect that they will help you meet your long-term and short-term goals.

The ideal Microsoft Office 365 consultant can help you with migration.

Before you decide to hire a consultant, determine first if they can help you with content migration. Can they migrate your Dropbox content, social content, or hosted SharePoint into Office 365? These tasks are both time-consuming and frustrating. Plus, you can also run the risk of losing crucial data and information if not done right. To avoid such troubles, only work with a consultant who can offer migration services to make sure the entire process runs seamlessly.

Final Takeaway

You have to research before deciding to work with a specific individual or firm. Make sure that your choice can help you navigate every stage of your business’ Office 365 journey. Make sure that they offer support from the initial setup up to content migration. Also, carefully review how the consultant is positioned when it comes to giving long-term support.

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