5 Creative QR Code Uses You Haven’t Considered

Just like any thriving organism, adaption to a changing market is an evolutionary must. Techniques in advertising for your business are on a constant cycle of changes. Half of all businesses fail in their first few years, partly because they fail to adopt new strategies.

You can beat out that statistic by tailoring your market team to be more creative with available technology. Businesses overlook valuable QR code uses to reach customers. Scan the article below to learn about these 5 neat techniques.

QR Codes Linking to Videos

Capturing an audience’s attention is near impossible these days. Everyone has a screen or some other distraction.

Engaging media is quintessential to catch that fleeting glance from your client base. Static pictures just don’t cut in this business. They’re not memorable.

It’s difficult to generate a large volume of codes if they’re printed to each of your products. Be sure to use a c# QR code generator to increase your throughput.

Downloading Your App

As mentioned earlier, client engagement is the lifeblood of a successful brand. Having an easily accessible link to your app is the gateway to having a permanent presence with your customers. Once your app is installed on their phone, it’s almost certain they’ll be a repeat customer.

Having customer data about their shopping history is an invaluable resource. It’s not just about that individual, but about their market. Knowing your clientele is a rule of thumb for successfully advertising.

Collect that demographic’s shopping patterns to extend more relevant offers.

Product Reviews

Customers are driven by their experiences with your brand. A happy customer is likely to leave a good review of your business. Treating those who pay your livelihood well is smart business sense.

Having good reviews for your company or your products is a beacon for other buyers. It demonstrates reliability and trust in your goods or services.

An easily accessible link, via a QR code, to Yelp! or Google Reviews is a cleverly convenient way to get reviews.

This also has the downside of making it easier for bad reviews to taint your reputation. But if you have trust in your brand, and you deliver on your promises, it won’t hinder you.

Getting in Contact

Business cards are almost outdated at this point. Nobody asks for them anymore, nor are they hyper-relevant in getting your brand’s name out there.

QR codes are a practically free alternative to giving your contact information. It also has the upside of being easily converted to share new information. You won’t have to throw away a stack of old cards if your address or number changes.

Other Overlooked QR Code Uses 

Plant QR codes across your city. People love scanning them. Have it link to your website or guide them to your storefront.

You could also use QR codes to host a promotional game. Have unique codes on each product that offers a possible prize.

Scan Here!

Companies have to adapt to today’s new tech.

QR code uses are an excellent way to engage with your customers. They offer ways to link to engaging advertisements or offer customers an accessible way to get in touch with your business.

Don’t just stop here. Check out other business savvy articles to expand your advertising repertoire.

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