How to Find a New Job: An Informative Guide

With 11.5 million job openings in the US, now is the time to find a new career opportunity. However, the competition is still high so landing a job takes preparation and skill.

If you are in the market for a new job then there are a few tips that will help you limit your job search time and guarantee that you find one you love.

Read this guide to finding a new job to get started.

Evaluate Your Career Goals

The best jobs are the ones that fit your career goals. You do not want to be unhappy to unsatisfied at your workplace, so it is important to first know what type of job you want before even searching.

Consider if you are changing fields or staying in the same industry. Then think about your role in these industries. What do you imagine doing and what is your skill level?

Set Priorities

You also want to make a list of your must-haves in your next job role. Do you require flexibility like working from home or the ability to make your own hours?

More priorities include the location, people you work for and with, and your expected pay range. All of these decisions will narrow your search and help you only apply for jobs you want.

Browse Job Boards

Next, take a look at the jobs that are available to you. Use your priorities and career goals to make a list of the jobs you want to apply for.

Be sure to look at industry-specific job boards and make a note of the common qualifications in case you need additional job skills, training, or education.

Network and Connect with Contacts

A job board is a secondary source but you also have primary ways of seeking open positions. Sign up for networking events to meet people face-to-face and get your foot in the door.

Also, use your contact list of professionals and friends to ask about possible job openings.

Revamp Your Resume

Once you have a solid list of potential jobs then it is time to customize and redesign your resume for each one. Find the best resume builder online to assist you with the layout and job-specific design.

You also want to cater your phrasing and skill emphasis to the job using keywords right from the job description.

Send Follow Up Thank You’s

After you land an interview, remember that part of the job search includes a follow-up. Send thank-you notes to everyone that interviewed you. This gesture shows your interest in the job and makes you memorable to the hiring team.

Accept, Negotiate, or Decline Offers

Once you find a job and an offer is made, your effort has paid off. But, you are not finished. Now you must decide to either accept or decline their offer.

Do not be afraid to negotiate your salary and benefits. And if the offer does not meet your needs it is also ok to decline the position.

Starting Your New Job

The exciting time has come for you to start your new job. Be prepared by dressing the part, researching the position, and bringing essential items to make a great first impression.

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